CPP Youth League Threatens Round Of Protest Over Arrest Of Stalwarts, Others -Alleges Min. McGill Of Masterminding Violence In Gbarpolu


By Stephen G. Fellajuah

Amidst the subsequent arrest of some executives and other members of the Collaborating Political Parties in Gbarpolu County by state security, CPP National Youth League has threatened to stage a round of protest at the front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The protest, according to the CPP National Youth League Chairman, James P. Morris, is a call to government to release their stalwarts and other colleagues who traveled to Gbarpolu to intervene with electoral circumstances of independent candidate Madam Botoe Kanneh.

At first, the group was stopped from gathering opposite the Foreign Ministry by state security  particularly officers of the Liberia National Police, a situation which was resolved after police brief rift with the protesters.

Chairman Morris who was leading the protesters spoke at the scene Wednesday when he addressed Journalists covering their gathering.

“We have come to raise alert to national government, precisely the President of the Republic of Liberia, George Manneh Weah and our international partners to have them informed about our stalwarts and colleagues who were arrested in a town called Norma, Gbarpolu County,” he asserted.

Morris named the Secretary General of the CPP, Cllr Aloysius Toe, among members of the Collaborating Parties that were arrested since Sunday and their whereabout yet to be known, adding that they cannot be reached via their telephones.

The group members were seen holding placards bearing the inscriptions: “Where is CPP Secretary   General Aloysius Toe and his team since Monday no communication while they are in custody”.

“Putting Country Devil outside is intimidating – tradition should not be used to suppress female political participation.”

Earlier this week the CPP issued a press statement alarming the arrest of Cllr Aloysius Toe, Boakai Kanneh of the ANC and other members of the Collaborating Parties.

Also, the statement questioned the whereabout of Cllr Aloysius Toe, Boakai Kanneh of the ANC and his fellow contestant, Madam Botoe Kanneh.

CPP Youth League said it has sent communication to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Patrick Sudue and the Ministry of Justice to intervene with the circumstances and inform the CPP the whereabouts of their team.

“We made followup, yet there is no information about them,” Mr. Morris alarmed.

“So we thought that it was necessary to raise alarm with our international partners because their lives are at stake. We have not been able to get to them through their contacts, which looks worrisome,” he said.

The CPP Youth League further accused the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, who himself is a citizen of Gbarpolu County, for masterminding violence in the county.

According to Chairman Morris, “As you know elections just ended and Gbarpolu is the home of Minister Nathaniel McGill. He has his own candidate from the CDC that is on the verge of being massively defeated by Madam Botoe Kanneh so he is doing everything to steal the process.”

He further alleged that Minister McGill ordered the arrest of members of the CPP. “Aloysius Toe, Boakai Kanneh, Robert Gibson, Armah Johnson, Prince Blama, Jethro Harris release them now McGill.”

Inscriptions on their placards further said “Nathaniel McGill, Gbarpolu is not your father’s farm. Leave the elections results alone. Let the rerun happen peacefully.”

“Botoe Kanneh is the lone female candidate leading the polls in Gbarpolu but CDC Nathaniel McGill wants to cheat her. Leave Gbarpolu alone.”

Chairman Morris used the occasion to call on Minister McGill, saying “For the sake of peace and the security of our people let him see it necessary to ensure that our stalwarts and other colleagues are released with immediate effect.”

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