WHO IS PRES. WEAH DISSING? -“MISTER LIER” – Pres. Weah New Bootlegged Song


As the National Elections Commission wraps up provisional tallying of votes in the just-ended midterm senatorial and referendum elections, The Analyst has received a bootlegged copy of a yet-to-be-released song featuring President George Manneh Weah on lead vocals. The song, “Mister Lier Man” was supposed to have been released as a victory song for Mr. Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change senatorial candidates who were expected to win all 15 seats.

According to sources close to the presidency, President Weah was overly confident of a CDC victory, especially in the ruling party’s Montserrado County stronghold where their candidate was fighting tooth and nail to dethrone incumbent Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, so much so that he went in studio and did a preemptive song. However, latest NEC pronouncements of polls tally show Senator Dillon leading Representative Thomas Fallah with more than 70,000 votes, a margin that statisticians say is quite improbable to close, with Montserrado vote count nearing 85%.

President Weah’s bootlegged song, “Mister Lier Man”, sources have informed The Analyst, was meant to debunk critics of his government who continue to harp on what they see as bad governance and rampant corruption, amidst the vast economic and personal disparities and insecurities of the citizenry.

Lamenting his fate, President is heard on the reggae track wailing in auto tune: “In my own country/they trying to track me down/For what I don’t know/Oh Mister Lier Man/You know I didn’t do the things you say I do, Mister Lier Man…”

With the downcast results trending about the senatorial elections, portending the opposition in a one-sided lead over his own ruling party, President Weah, critics now say, is in for another rude awakening, because the critics seriously believe the lyrics of the dancehall reggae music should have been directed to his key lieutenants who lied to him about a resounding victory, although they knew the realities on the ground.

“Samuel Tweah, Nathaniel McGill, Jefferson Koijee, Mulbah Morlu, and other are the real lier men who fooled this man that all is well, and that the Liberian people are happy with his bad style of governance,” says Joe Kpateh, a student activist who sees himself as a born-again CDCian.

“If President Weah is serious, we will reclaim the glory we lost in these elections,” Mr. Kpateh said.

But Sam K. Johnson of Kpalah, Lower Montserrado thinks President Weah will not change, and his stubbornness to get rid of the excess baggage in his government will lead to his upending in 2023.

“Dillon flogged Weah in his own Barcayard in 2019 and 2020. Weah should keep singing until 2023, then he will know how water entered coconut,” Mr. Johnson, 65, warned.

But there are some diehard supporters of President Weah and the CDC who believe that the president’s song is prophetic of Liberia’s leadership problem.

“This song was not meant as a victory song for CDC. What President Weah is simply telling the Liberian people is that, no matter the outcome of elections, they lied he was going to influence the results. If President Weah meant to influence the results, do you really think Darius Dillon and others would win?” wondered Sarah Appleton of Maryland County.

Excerpts of lyrics to “Mister Lier”


In my own country

They trying to track me down

For what I don’t know

Oh Mister Lier Man

You know I didn’t do the things you say I do

Mister Lier Man


Cho, Rastafarai King Sellasie ai

Mister Lier Man x 4


You know I didn’t do the things you say I do

Mister Lier Man

Lier Man you know, Lier Man you know I didn’t those thins

Mister Lier Man, Jan know I didn’t do those things

Mister Lier Man, Mr. Lier Man

Rastafarai know, I didn’t do

Mister Lier Man, you know, you know

A Lier Man, A Lier Man x 2



Lier Man, I didn’t do it

Lier Man, let jahjah judge you x 2


So why you keep lying

Lie lie, lie lie lie lie

You lie, you lie, you lie

Oh Mister Lier Man x 2


Mister Lier Man, me na go burn you with the Fire Man

Me na go burn you pan de Fire Man

Cover you a Lier Man, Wicked Man

Bad man, foolish man

Mister Lier Man

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