Dillon Sends Caveat To Ruling Party -Against Thwarting the Decision of Majority


By Stephen G. Fellajuah

Against the backdrop of what he referred to as “preliminary results from the war room” of his campaign team, incumbent Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has declared himself winner for the seat of Montserrado at the end of the  December 8th polling for the  Special Senatorial Midterm Election.

The tough-talking senator said the results shown in by the technicians in the CPP “war room of his campaign team” has put him over 59,000 votes ahead of the CDC’s Montserrado candidate, Representative Thomas P. Fallah and other candidates ‘contesting for the same seat.

He made the comments when he address a press conference Thursday at the Liberty Party Headquarter in Monrovia.

Senator Dillon averred that there is no way that the results of the election for Montserrado can be over turned, even if other candidates give their votes to the CDC candidate, as record count from official tally sheets of the NEC which is in possession of his team puts him ahead with accumulated votes of 124, 433, while CDC candidate Representative Thomas P. Fallah trails at 64,793 votes.

“The results from the National Elections Commission official tally sheets-record of count- signed by NEC staffs and poll watchers posted on the bulletin of polling rooms show that we are 59,000 plus votes, topping in an election that is determined by simple majority”, Senator Dillon noted, saying “We have won the election.”

He recounted that Liberia’s recent democratic history under former Present Ellen Johnson, in 2009 two years before 2011 presidential and representatives’ elections, when he pointed out that the governing  Unity Party  at the time  made every effort to win Montserrado County by-election that year which was won by the CDC’s late Geraldine Doe-Sheriff.

With the democratic records of Madam Sirleaf as President then, she upheld her democratic credentials and allow the law to prevail; and the law proceeded with the election in keeping with the will of the majority, allowing Senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff to have won the election replacing late senator Hannah Bryant.

Similarly, Dillon said in the 2014 by-election in which Mr. George Manneh Weah was a contender, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf again upheld her democratic credentials.

“Even though her son, Robert Sirleaf was on the ballot, she allowed the decision of the people to prevail.”

Mr. Dillon therefore used premises to call President George Manneh Weah and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change to project their good image by not “thwarting the results of the majority decision.”

“These elections have been conceded and the results are largely known that our candidates are comfortably seated in Bong, Lofa, Bassa, River Gee, and Grand Cape Mount amongst other counties.”

According to him, the conduct of these elections should not be influenced against CPP candidates, because in a democracy what the people have decided “cannot be changed.”

Senator Dillon, on that note, called on the international community to closely monitor matters developing from the elections.

He recalled that the internationally community has worked and spent so much in human capital and other resources to propagate the overall progress made in Liberia, saying that they should take seize of the results And don’t allow Liberia’s democracy to be dragged in these elections, especially when over 400 international observers had witness the December 8th Special Senatorial Midterm, Referendums and By-elections.

He thanks CPP partisans and supporters for coming out on December 8, 2020 and casting their ballots in an orderly and peaceful manner; he also called them to remain calm and peaceful, noting that “If there is no peace, we cannot gathered here today to talk about election issues. Let us embrace peace. We have the responsibility to ensure that our country is peaceful.”

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