“O Death! Where is thy Sting!” -Jewel Laments Apathetic Posture with Mobutu’s Death


The shocking news of the passing of ailing Public Works Minister Mobutu VlahNyenpan on Friday, October 30 left many Liberians dumbstruck as to why a man so promising, so filled with joie de vivre, would be snuffed in his prime when he had much more to accomplish. Equally shocking, however, was the immediate reaction of Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor in a social media post, suggesting that she had least expected to see people moving around without even mourning the fallen Public Work Minister’s death for a day.

Returning home from Ghana after recovering from a bout of COVID-19, Madam Howard-Taylor last Saturday took to Instagram with the cryptic message: “Oh death where is thy sting? O death where is your victory? So Mobutu is gone and people are moving around without even mourning HIM for a day? Aye ya…what a sacrifice. Only what is done for God is permanent. To him who is wise be advised. JHT mamacharm!”


Madam Taylor’s lamentations followed President George Weah inaugurating a new national carrier for the West African country on Friday, the same day that news of the death of Minister Mobutu Nyenpan broke.

“It is my dream, my hope and my ambition that we will very soon see Lone Star Air, the wings of Liberia, flying our flag in international skies, shining so brightly,” President Taylor had remarked at the well-attended occasion graced by government officials resplendently attired in all-white.

The following day, on Saturday, the Liberian leader was at the GbakugbehGbengbar Town/VOA Community Market to cut ribbons for a project undertaken by the Nathaniel Falo McGill Humanitarian Team.

“I have come to say that you’ve done well for the community and the Liberian people. We have to do constructive things,” said Pres. Weah, “These special interventions impact communities in very positive ways.”

President Weah Consoles Bereaved Family

To the government’s credit, however, President Weah on Friday, October 30, 2020 expressed deepest sadness and grief over the death of Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan.

According to an Executive Mansion press release, Minister Nyenpan had been undergoing treatment in Accra, Ghana following a stroke he suffered in early September. He died on Friday, October 30, 2020.

President Weah said the deceased minister will be remembered for his humility, family values, love for country and strong work ethics, which resulted in the development of many rundown infrastructure in the country.

For his dedication and service to the country, the Minister received a special plaudit from the President last year as a mark of encouragement.

His death has created a deep void in the cabinet; but will also personally impact the Liberian Leader who had come to regard the Minister as a friend and brother, the Executive Mansion stated.

The President further extended his profound sympathy to the family of the bereaved, praying that they take solace in the Lord during this trying time for them.

CDC Mourns Nyenpan, Shuts Down for 24 Hrs

Meanwhile, the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) on October 29, 2020 suspended all party activities by shutting down party offices across the country for 24 hours in observance of the passing of Minister Mobuto Nyenpan.

According to the press release from the CDC, “the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) mourns the irreparable loss of Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan.

The Coalition for Democratic Change said it was devastated by this loss, a sad event of disastrous enormity, which has crushed the spirit of the entire membership of the CDC.

“As the Coalition for Democratic Change (in mourning the untimely death of the Minister) suspends all party activities and shuts down its offices across the country for 24hrs, it’ll remember most our brother’s commitment to the agenda, growth and development of the CDC. The CDC is left impacted by the Minister’s numerous contributions that have made it stronger, enhancing the party’s viability and resourcefulness,” the release further stated, while extending profound sympathy to the bereaved family, beseeching the Lord’s divine power to grant solace and strength during this difficult period.

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