Diaspora Liberians Endorse Sando Wayne -Launch Massive Fundraiser for Cape Mount Senatorial Candidate


As the race for the coveted Grand Cape Mount County Senate seat intensifies, a group of eminent Diaspora-based Liberians under the banner of “The Progressive Liberia Diaspora Global Community Forum” has officially endorsed the candidacy of Professor Sando Wayne.

“Professor Wayne views the Liberian Senate as the most powerful of the bi-camera legislature of Liberia. It is his belief that through its leadership can come a more vibrant life for his people. And at the center of his work are the hopes of families of subsistence farmers and artisanal miners, including children, youths, elderly, widows, single mother, and challenged individuals in need of food, jobs, education, health services, and to live in freedom, dignity, respect, and a more secure life,” a release from the Cape Mount Action Movement 4 Sando Wayne (CMAM4sandowayne) stated, quoting The Progressive Liberia Diaspora Global Community Forum.

The Progressive Liberia Diaspora Global Community Forum comprises prominent Diaspora-based Liberians including Ambassador/Professor James T. Tarpeh, Sr., (Rtd.); Professor D. Elwood Dunn (Former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs); Professor Hannah Abeodu Bowen Jones, (Former Permanent Ambassador to the UN Permanent Mission, Former Minister of Postal Affairs); Hon. J. Rudolph Johnson (Former Planning, Finance, and Foreign Minister), Professor Robert G. Sherman, PhD; Hon. John F. Lloyd, Sr., Mr. D. Kerper Dwanyen, Hon. Bennie D. Warner, (Former Methodist Bishop & Liberia’s Vice President) and other eminent friends, families, associates and general supporters, including Alumni Associations in North America.

According to the prominent Liberian citizens living in the Diaspora, “Sando believes that it is in the Legislature that the most crucial decisions for his County must be made in the next nine years–how to end or alter subsistence farming in favor of contract farming, how to help property owners in Robertsport and surrounding lake environment benefit from developing a tourist industry in partnership with tourism developers and investors, and how to get a national tourism law enacted that provide for the security of the already threatened communities–how to organize property leasing and partnership agreements for inclusive growth; how to create guaranteed jobs through contract farming agriculture and tourism; that Cape Mount becomes food and job secured; that government experiences increased revenue flow; that citizens are able to pay taxes to their government to work for them; that private investors are able to make windfall profits; and the county and other tourist areas in Liberia are opened up; infrastructure development flows from the two sectors to every community; and chiefs are designate as ‘public office bearers’, entitled to compensation and benefits for the public services in their communities”.

“These are among the real issues for why Sando Wayne wants to be elected Senator of Grand Cape Mount County on December 8, 2020, and for which your support is critical,” the prominent Diaspora-based Liberians affirmed.

As a show of the good faith that underpins their endorsement, The Progressive Liberia Diaspora Global Community Forum have collectively written fundraising solicitation letters in support of their Candidate for the Grand Cape Mount County Senate seat in the scheduled December 8, 2020 senatorial mid-term election in Liberia.

“In this regard, we need your urgent financial support in the form of funds for his campaign activities. Your donation of $5.00, $10.00 or more to The Senatorial Campaign of Professor S. Sando Wayne can be done by the payment at “CashApp: $sswayne2020.” Or, for any query you can directly contact (1) Dr. Robert G. Sherman at Mobile: 602-770-9280 & Email: rsherman23@cox.net; (2) Amb. James T. Tarpeh, Sr. at Mobile: (301) 908-3098 & Email: AmbTarpeh@gmail.com; (3) Dr. D. Elwood Dunn at Mobile: 423-400-7771; (4) Mr. D. Kerper Dwanyen at Mobile: 763-316-8666 & Email: kdwanyen@gmail.com and (5) Mr. John F. Lloyd at Mobile: 240-426-2586 & Email: JohnFLloyd@aol.com,” The Progressive Liberia Diaspora Global Community Forum stated, noting, “Your immediate help in this regard will be highly appreciated for our collective mission to help “Build a Better Grand Cape Mount County and Better Postwar Republic of Liberia.”

Who is Sando Wayne?

Aspirant S. Sando Wayne, II was born in Manihenn unto the union of Hon. S. Sando Wayne, Sr. (deceased), of Manoe Town (Tombey Chiefdom) & Bendoo Town (Garwula District), Grand Cape Mount County, and Ma Jima Massaquoi of Korma-Gbewaja & Gondama (Tewor District), Grand Cape Mount County. Having spent his early childhood in Tienii (Tewor District), Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia, Hon. Wayne was relocated to Monrovia to seek an education, graduating from the prestigious William V.S. Tubman High School in 1981.

Aspirant Wayne holds a BA (cum laude) History and International Relations, College of Liberal Arts, from the University of Liberia; an M Ed – Curriculum & Instruction – Social Studies Education, University of Minnesota; an M A – International Relations, Webster University, St. Louise, Missouri; an MPA – Master in Public Affairs, American University, Washington, DC, and a Certificate of Leadership, United States Peace Corps Academy, US Peace Corps, Washington, DC.

He has held several portfolio in-country and globally, to include: Adjunct Lecturer, Diplomacy & Negotiation, Ibrahim B. Babangida Graduate; School of International Studies – University of Liberia – (2010 – present); Manager of Community & Government Relations, Bea Mountain Mining Corporation, Liberia (2017 – 2019); Consultant & Research Analyst, World Bank – Liberia Office (2013 – 2015); Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Cooperation & Economic Integration, RL (President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 2012 – 2013); Senior Policy Advisor to the Vice President of Liberia (VP Joseph N. Boakai, 2010 – 2012); Program Support Assistant, United States Peace Corps, Washington, DC, USA (2006 – 2009); International Educator – USA and Liberia (1983 – 1992 & 1995 – 2009); Assistant Minister of State for Public Affairs, Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, RL (President Amos C. Sawyer 1990 – 1992); and Assistant Minister of State for Administration, Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, RL (President Amos C. Sawyer 1992 – 1994).

Mr. S. Sando Wayne, II is a founding member of the United Peoples Party (UPP).

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