‘Hopelessness Increasing In Liberia’ -MOVEE Wants Govt Intervene


By Stephen G. Fellajuah

With the country facing one its worst economic downturns since the end of the Liberian civil crisis evidenced by the spiraling hike in the prices of basic commodities and transportation fare, a constituent political party of the Rainbow Alliance is calling on the administration of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Government, led by President George M. Weah, to intervene to lessen the hardship that the masses are enduring.

According to Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) Chairman Dan Saryee, hunger is spreading in homes across the country, something which he thinks the Government of Liberia must intervene and provide solutions to the people’s suffering.

Speaking in an interview Tuesday, October 13, 2020 in Monrovia, Mr. Saryee said, “the atmosphere of the country is unhealthy. Our people are getting hungry every day, the hardship is hitting everywhere such that we cannot understand. Hopelessness is increasing across the country and we want to urge the ruling administration of the country to intervene in these matters.”

He also said, “the democratic environment has quietly been sent into a coma. We want to appeal to the political administrator of the country to make a turn of this atmosphere that the country is faced with.”

While commenting on several national issues, Mr. Saryee commended the Supreme Court for halting the December 8 electoral processes. Last week Associate Justice Sie-A-Nyene Youh issued a temporary stay order on the processes leading to the December 8 special senatorial elections.

It was a result of a petition for a Writ of Mandamus filed by Mulbah S. Jackollie, an aspirant of the December 8 elections, who was reportedly denied candidature by the NEC for reportedly failing to present a passport size photograph of himself.

He said the party believes that the December 8 midterm senatorial elections have to be guided by processes of accountability and fairness, noting that anyone who comes to elections comes with the mind to win, and that no party putting all of its resources will want to go to elections “already backed by fraud.”

“We want to salute the Supreme Court for taking a return mark on a sensitive issue that is seen as a threat to the electioneering processes; that would have been a miscarriage to our democracy,” he stressed.

He further stressed that it is the responsibility of the ruling party to take actions that will help the country’s democracy to grow while opposition political parties provide guidance that will ensure that they are not robbed of the process.

Commenting on the deaths of the three LRA employees and the Internal Audit Agency boss Emmanuel Nyeswa, Mr. Saryee lamented that it is sad that the country is hit by deaths, especially the mysterious manner in which people are dying should be a serious concern to everyone, most especially the Government of Liberia.

With diverse speculations surrounding the death of these Liberians, he expressed delight over news that the Americans are invited to get involved with the investigations and quash the public expressions of fear that are permeating across the country.

Meanwhile, the MOVEE Chairman has alarmed over the huge quantity of mutilated Liberian bank notes circulating across the market. “Our currency we are using is dilapidated. The LD 4 billion new money that was printed and brought into the country is targeted for elections by the ruling party,” Mr. Sayee alarmed.

He said it is a troubling atmosphere that the country does not have good money in its economy, and there is no explanation by the government on how the LD4 billion, all in five hundred denomination, was used.

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