No CCTV Footage on Dead LRA Staffers -UBA Debunks Rumors  


In the wake of unconfirmed reports that the United Bank for Africa Liberia Limited has in its possession CCTV footage capturing the death of two employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), the bank has come out to categorically deny such rumors as false and misleading.
According to a press release from the UBA dated October 12, 2020, the Bank said it would like the public to know that while it is true that the it has CCTV camera on its premises, the location where the bodies of the late Albert Peters and Gifty Ashma Lama were found doesn’t fall within the bank’s camera range of coverage.
“As an institution that operates within the confines of the law, UBA would have supported the Government’s investigation efforts by providing such footage, had there been any in its possession,” the Bank stated.
The UBA said it also wished to make it categorically clear that at no point in time has any of its staff members been harassed or intimidated by State Security Operatives to produce footage from the bank’s CCTV coverage, as it is being speculated.
“The management of UBA Liberia hereby calls on the general public and news outlets to refrain from spreading false and unfounded information about the Bank,” the UBA release signed by head of marketing and corporate Communications, Melody Mezay-Ketter, stated.
The UBA rebuttal comes in the wake of a flurry of social podcasts indicating that Government state security operatives had stormed the bank demanding CCTV footage capturing culprits who drove the deceased in a vehicle on Broad Street and left the bodies there.
Meanwhile, the Government of Liberia has called on the Government and people of the United States of America to aid in investigations that would unearth the cause of death of the two LRA employees who were found dead on October 2, 2020 in Monrovia.
The families, according to Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean, are also availed the option of bringing in pathologists of their choosing to participate in the examination or conduct an independent examination, as government emphasizes its determination to conduct an open and impartial investigation in order to find the cause of the unexplained deaths.

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