PUL Seeks Protection
for Journalists -As the Union Celebrates 56th Anniversary in T’Burg


As the nation heads for the midterm senatorial and referendum elections on December 8, 2020, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) says the focus of the celebration of the Union’s 56th Anniversary will highlight the protection of journalists covering the pending elections.
“We are turning the focus on the protection of journalists ahead and during the pending Special Senatorial elections. The stakes are high and already, many of our colleagues have been brutalized. We as journalists should use our celebrations to ramp up calls for the protection of journalists by the Weah-led Administration during the elections,” the PUL stated in a press release issued September 23, 2020, highlighting activities and obligations aligned with the celebration of its 56th Anniversary slated for Tubmanburg, Bomi County.
The midterm senatorial elections, the Union acknowledged, are being aligned with a referendum on select sections of the Liberian. “It is still an important question as to how much does the journalism community in Liberia know about the proposed referendum to help educate the public on the intricacies of the propositions. What does the nation stand to benefit if the amendments are made and losses incurred, or if the propositions are rejected? To stimulate these discussions and take a position, the PUL is inviting all its auxiliaries, media executives, reporters and friends of the media to the PUL anniversary commemoration in Tubmanburg, Bomi County from 28th  to 30th   September 2020 at the City Hall,” the PUL noted.
Providing a breakdown of activities and events commemorating its Anniversary celebration, the PUL said it would on Monday, September 28, 2020 hold a Forum on the increasing wave journalists’ participation in politics. Held under the framework of the Edward Wilmot Blyden Forum, the lecture will feature aspirants for the senatorial seat of Bomi County in the ensuing midterm elections.
According to the PUL, on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, a symposium will be held on the Referendum and validation of elections reporting Guide for journalists to help journalists better understand the process.
The celebrations culminate today with the grand parade through the principal streets of Tubmanburg to give visibility to the Press Union of Liberia and allow community members to see some of the nation’s top journalists.
“An official Indoor Program marking the celebration will take place right after the parade during which the keynote will be delivered. Solidarity greetings will also be read at the event,” the PUL stated. 
“In this respect, the 2020 PUL Anniversary Committee is requiring all journalists desirous of making the trip to Tubmanburg, Bomi County to make the modest payment of five United States (U$5). Senior professionals like managers, publishers, editors, communication officers and media development practitioners are to pay ten (U$10). The stipulated fees are in recognition of the financial difficulties currently facing the nation. The amount will contribute to the organization of activities set aside to mark the commemoration of the 56th Anniversary of the Press Union of Liberia. T-shirts will be ready on Friday, 25th September 2020. The PUL highly appreciates your usual support,” the Union said.
Founded in Monrovia on September 30, 1964, the PUL is the umbrella organization serving Liberian media professionals and institutions. With a membership base of more than 1,000 journalists across the country, the PUL has oversight responsibility for addressing problems arising from journalists’ reportage and conduct in the face of the ever-growing demand for quality and good taste in addition to its foremost mandate of advocating for the protection of journalists.
The foundation of the PUL grew out of a legislative contempt action against journalist Stanton Peabody. In the succeeding consultation, the journalist in attendance-E. Reginald Townsend; Henry B. Cole; Chauncey Cooper; action King; Tuan Wreh; J. Percy Gumel; Stanton Peabody agreed to organize an association to protect journalists.

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