Minister Mobutu Nyenpan Responding to Medical Treatment -Official Accounts Say


In the wake of the avalanche of unconfirmed reports flooding the Internet that Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan died following his admission Thursday at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center for ruptured brain aneurysms, official accounts now say Minister Nyenpan’s condition is improving.

According to the National Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah Morlue, there is some level of improvement in Minister Nyenpan’s health condition. The public works minister was said to be comatose upon admission at JFK.

“As of last night (meaning Thursday night), we are in touch with medical authorities, and just left JFK where Min. Mobutu Nyenpan is very much alive and has improved. #Godheals when we all pray. Amen,” a statement from Chairman Morlue said last evening.

Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill, also spoke encouragingly about Mr. Nyenpan’s condition.

“I have been following very closely, and with prayerful attention, the development of the Public Works Minister’s health condition. I take comfort from the fact that he is getting the best possible medical care and attention available at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia. I convey on behalf of the Government and people of Liberia, our most fervent prayers and best wishes for Minister Nyenpan speedy recovery,” Minister McGill stated in a social media post last evening.

The statements from the two officials followed a response from the brother of Minister Nyenpan, Mr. T. Ojuku Nyenpan, who also quashed rumors of his brother’s passing.

“For the sake of family and friends, I must do this: Minister Nyenpan is alive. The breaking news on social media is false,” T. Ojuku Nyenpan posted on social media Friday afternoon.

Media reports also confirmed that Minister Nyenpan is alive. According to a reputable media outlet, medical staff at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center have confirmed that the Minister is stable and is gradually regaining consciousness.

It is reported that Nyenpan, who has high-blood pressure condition, had earlier sought treatment at the Fidelity Clinic on 20th Street, adjacent to JFK. When the doctors at the clinic realized his condition required a facility that was beyond their capacity, they rushed him to JFK, where doctors immediately took him into surgery.

According to the media report, doctors found so much fluid (mainly blood) in Nyenpan’s brain, that he was on the verge of having a stroke. During the surgery, they managed to drain the blood to a safe level, which allowed them to stabilize him for further treatment.

While he remains under close supervision, Nyenpan is “still semi-conscious”, the report stated. “He can’t recognize people very well yet, but can respond with slight gestures, which is a sign of progress. His family members that are visiting him are encouraged to keep talking to him to help stimulate his consciousness and help him pull through faster,” the report, quoting a source, said.

Meanwhile, The Analyst has been informed that efforts are being exerted to have Minister Nyenpan immediately flown out of the country for further medical attention.


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