Senator Dillon’s Account Hacked!!! -Inflammatory anti-CPP Propaganda Posted


With the clock ticking closer to the holding of the midterm senatorial elections, politicians and political institutions are working overtime to outfox one another in terms of propaganda and chicaneries. Opposition politician and incumbent Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has promised that he would run a fair campaign devoid of mudslinging and muckraking. But pundits wonder how long Mr. Dillon will keep his cool, with his opponents fighting tooth and nail to bring him down, evidenced by the alleged hacking of his social media account last evening.

For someone who is usually diplomatic, even when it comes to dealing with internal party issues, the September 3, 2020 Facebook post from Senator Dillon’s account was quite shocking to many.

“Alexander Cummings leaving the country during my endorsement is not suspicious because I know his intention in the #CPP. The act that made up the CPP says it all so we are not worrying on him as #CPP because we know he will not contest on the #CPP ticket for the presidency. My sister is laughing at the funny looking man that wants to be president on the #CPP ticket,” read the post purportedly issued by Senator Dillon.

Dillon, Others React

Immediately reacting to what he termed as a hacking of his social media account, Senator Dillon said, “I have ONE regular Facebook Account and ONE Facebook Personality Page. My regular Facebook Account carries all information about me, with over 4 thousand Friends and over 66 thousand Followers. My Personality Page carries about 16 thousand Followers. Any other such account bearing my name and photos and purporting to post as me, but falling short of the number of Friends and Followers as contained above is FAKE, and can best be described as yet another CDC treachery! Be careful so as not to fall to any such treachery!” Dillon warned.

“Thanks for the clarity, because I just saw a post on Facebook that shocked me, but thank God you have clarified it to be a fake account which I suspected,” Abu Sanor.

“We are aware of their tactics sir. Thanks for reminding others,” maintained Lionel Gborplay.

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