Cape Mount Citizens to Get Free WiFi – Aspirant Wayne Lives up to Commitment; Brings Huge IT Investment


Politicians usually make grandiose promises during campaigns as a means of winning the attention of voters. But many of them renege on their campaign promises once they are elected into office. Grand Cape Mount County senatorial aspirant Sando Wayne is however breaking from the mold of the typical Liberian politician, as he has intervened on behalf of distressed and poor communities in Grand Cape Mount to invite Africa Wireless Tech Proprietary Limited (AWT) of South Africa to provide free WiFi and internet services in Grand Cape Mount County.

According to aspirant Wayne, the free WiFi service is aimed at bringing relief to rural mobile phone users who are challenged by the high cost charged by GSM companies for calling and data credits.

“The service will also aid students and teachers to access the most recent information to enhance classroom learning and community revitalization through information revolution, via WiFi,” Mr. Wayne informed this paper.

The Grand Cape Mount County senatorial aspirant made the disclosure following a signing ceremony last Friday in Tienii, Grand Cape Mount County, marking the formal entry into a 60 month contract agreement between AWT and the beneficiary communities.

Representatives from all districts in Grand Cape Mount County participated in the signing ceremony. The representative praised the work of Sando Wayne in the county, while recounting his many contributions towards county development including his interventions with the government of Japan for the construction of three rural bridges in the county at the cost USD 2M; provision of medical equipment for Sewu healthcare building at the cost of USD800,000; provision of a 40 foot ocean container; donation of agriculture hand tools and seeds; ensuring the granting of 78 scholarships from Ahmadiyah; among many others.

The representatives were joined by elder Dodoo Kiatamba of Tombey and Setta Kromah of the Kromah clans, as well as youth leader Abdullah Kamara of Tienii, among others.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Cape Mount Action Movement 4 sandowayne (CMAM4sandowayne), Mr. Wayne said the intervention is directly linked to his Senatorial agenda for the Cape Mount senate election on December 8, 2020. Mr. Wayne is calling for a change from subsistence to contract farming to create high income jobs in the villages, achieve food security for all, increased revenue for government, and to have assured access to market. Similarly, Mr. Wayne is fixed on developing Cape Mount’s tourism potential to create jobs for mainly women and youths, increase revenue flow to Government and open up the county to economic infrastructure development, among others.

Since the introduction of the mobile technology in Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia, students and health workers have had to purchase data to access information online. “Simply put, there is no free Wi-Fi hotspots service in Grand Cape Mount County or Liberia. Hotel facilities in Liberia offering such services as complimentary attraction for customers, have all imposed restriction to public access. All mobile end-users in Grand Cape Mount County and Liberia at large, have to buy data at exorbitant cost, if they can afford,” Mr. Wayne stressed.

The availability of Wi-Fi Hotspots services, he noted, would help teachers and students to study online, download textbooks, and generally access information about the world, even when there is strike or a pandemic, such as COVID-19 that disrupts education.

“Without government support, which is unlikely in the immediate future, this service will be impossible to teachers, students, businesses and public service delivery workers in rural communities. They have no disposable income to make internet access a basic service, like water, electricity and other services,” the Grand Cape Mount County senatorial aspirant noted, adding that CMAM4sandowayne has already identified school teachers, students, local businesses, and health services in Grand Cape Mount County who have expressed interest to participate and benefit from the program.

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