Rep. Snowe Comments on wife’s Divorce Suit -Says Conflicting Political Interests at Stake


Bomi County District-1 Representative and senatorial aspirant Edwin Melvin Snowe has over the years gained considerable clout and respect for his numerous achievements in the political sphere. From House Speaker to Representative, Snowe has always come out shining despite some hiccups that might have the tendency to blur his political top flight. With his sterling achievements notwithstanding, it seems that Mr. Snowe is always facing multiple woes in managing his conjugal activities, as The Analyst is well informed his present wife, Associate Justice Sie-A-Nyene Youh, the third in sequence of his marital vows, is about to untie the knot from her spouse on the basis of incompatibility of temperament. But Mr. Snowe has commented on the news about his wife filing for divorce as something which he has no control over.

According to Representative Snowe, in a brief chat with The Analyst yesterday, his wife’s decision is not surprising to him because he is a politician whose works at times conflict with the understanding and interest of his wife.

The Bomi County lawmaker said “we tried to live harmoniously as husband and wife, but he has no control over his wife’s decision”.

“I am a politician, even US former Vice President Al Goe, as closed as he and his wife were, they couldn’t make it,” Snowe reasoned.

It can be recalled that the House of Representatives impeached former Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh in August 2018 by over four counts, ranging from abuse of judicial power, theft of property, among others. Following his impeachment by the Lower House, the matter was forwarded to the Senate for trial.

Serving as Justice in Chambers at the time, Associate Justice Sie-A-Nyene Youh granted the defense team an Alternative Writ of Prohibition following the defense team’s application for said writ, thus temporarily halting the impeachment proceedings. However, despite attempts by some of the four associate justices to halt Ja’neh’s impeachment, the prosecutorial team had their day.

Pundits view Representative Snowe’s reference that his works sometimes conflict with his wife’s understanding and interest might be directly involved with the impeachment of former associate Justice Ja’neh.

Apparently, against the backdrop of this development and other marital matters, Associate Justice Sie-A- Nyene Youh has dragged her husband, Representative Snowe, to court, seeking an end to their four-year marriage through a Writ for an Action of Divorce.

According to the writ, Justice Youh’s action is in connection to an Action of Divorce for Incompatibility, and she is seeking for intervention from the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court of Montserrado County, known as the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice, to quash the marital vows they exchanged before God and men.

As a result of her complaint, Civil Law Court Resident Judge Kennedy Peabody has issued a Writ of Summon for Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe to appear before Court on August 22, 2020 to respond to his wife’s “Action for Divorce” suit against him, consistent with law.

Judge Peabody’s August 12, 2020 mandate ordered that failure on the part of the Bomi County Lawmaker to respond, the Court would render a judgment by default against him consistent with Chapter 42, Section 42.1 & 2 of the Civil Procedure Law of Liberia.

Details surrounding Associate Justice Youh’s petition for Action of Divorce for Incompatibility against her husband remains unclear.

Rep. Snowe married the daughter of former President Charles Taylor, Zoe Louise Taylor, in Monrovia in 1999 and they have a daughter.

He divorced Taylor’s daughter in 2002 and married Mardea White in 2003. Snowe’s marriage to Mardea White became estranged until it ended.

He subsequently married the Associate Justice four years ago, but according to her, the marriage cannot continue due to incompatibility of temper.

Incompatibility of temperament means “not able to live in harmonious or agreeable combination”.     When there is conflict in the pattern of behavior and reaction, it is said to be tied to incompatibility of temperament; reports The Analyst’s Judicial Correspondent

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