Hindu Religious Society Lauds Pres. Weah -As India Commemorates 73rd Independence Anniversary


MONROVIA – Members of the Hindu faith of the Indian Community in Liberia have extended warmest appreciation to President George M. Weah for recognizing them. The Shree Geeta Ashram, founded 1975 and the only Indian Hindu religious society in Liberia, says the recognition by President Weah marks the first time a sitting leader has done so in the history of their stay in Liberia.

In a release under the signature of the Society General Manager Mr. Manoj Kumar Vatwani, the Liberian Indian Hindi Society says it is exceedingly honored by President Weah’s altruistic decision to extend a letter of felicitation to them on the occasion commemorating the 73rd Independence Anniversary of the Republic public of India.

“This action by the President of the Republic does not only demonstrate his tolerance, moderate and accommodating leadership style, but we firmly believe that is a fervent recognition of our rights as a body of believers of the Hindu Religion. It also sends a strong signal that he cherishes the strong bond of friendship the country has with its foreign business partners,” the religious group said.

“With this kind of humble and tolerant leader, there is no doubt that Liberia stands to accrue huge benefits by fairly working with partners, ensuring that their rights to worship and assembly are respected unconditionally. More than that, this action on the part of the President also deepens our conviction that Liberia is on a strong social, economic and political trajectory, beneficial to every Liberian and foreigner operating in the bailiwick of the Republic,” the Shree Geeta Ashram group stated.

Continuing, the religious group stated that their love and commitment to  the President are once more hardened by his show of love and concern for them, as they pledge their unbending faith in President Weah’s leadership and ability to lead the country in a more  positive and prosperous direction.

“It is our prayer that God Almighty will grant him more wisdom and long life as he steers the country to social and economic success. We wish to pledge renewed commitment to your Leadership, working along with you for infrastructural development, human capacity building and economic growth,” the religious group indicated.

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