Sen. Kaipay vows Not to Sign Development Sitting Resolution -Until Supt. Baikpeh returned remaining County Equipment


Buchanan – Grand Bassa 2014 elected Senator Jonathan Kaipay has declared that the Resolution from the just climaxed Extra-Ordinary County Development Sitting will not bear his signature in the absence of the remaining Road Equipment of the County.

Senator Kaipay’ response was in fulfillment of his assurance given to the citizens at the Sitting that he would have spoken to them if the Three Days Ultimatum proclaimed by the Legislative Caucus Chairman, Thomas Alexander Goshua through Delegates affirmation to Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh to return equipment elapsed.

The equipment includes one fronthand loader, a motorgrader, one Dump truck and a loadbay.

The decision of the Senator comes amidst high expectations from Citizens and Leaders for major project implementation across the County.

In a weekend Press Conference held at His County Office in Buchanan, the Lawmaker said he is aware of two of the County properties being return, but is deeply concern about the other two which include the Truck and the Load bay that are yet to be brought.

Sen. Kaipay’s expression was being accompanied by strong expression on account that Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh referred to the Ultimatum as “Mere Bluff”; a statement the Lawmaker described as disrespect and warrant immediate apology.

He added, the focus of the Legislative Caucus in accordance with its Oversight Role, is deeply interested in the accountability component of the money raised from the rental of the equipment that were presented to Businessman, Varney Karbah through the Local County Administration.

Prior to this August 15, 2020 Press conference, Grand Bassa Superintendent, Janjay Baikpeh was live on all the Community Radios and Online TV in the County; at which time he informed citizens that two of the Equipment were back in the County, the Truck is stuck up in Sinoe County due to bad road, the while Loadbay was undergoing mechanical maintenance.

Supt. Baikpeh explained that before his ascendency, there was a resolution dated July 2012 by the past Legislative leadership and Local Administration to scrap the valuable Utensils (Equipment); a decision he objected to and recommended renting for possible repair in the interest of the County; an information Senator Kaipay rejected and described as untrue.

Addressing the issue of the Ultimatum; Superintendent Baikpeh said “As a Superintendent, I am here to protect the legacy and image of the county; therefore I acted on ground that the time of agreement between the County and Mr. Varney Karbah has elapsed and not on the basis of Ultimatum”.

As the debate on this matter gets heated, Senator Kaipay also argued that the loadbay and trucks were movable when Hon. Baikpeh took over; adding the agreement of US$2,500 per month with Varney Karbah was to ensure the repair of the other equipment through a proper channel.

The Bassa Male Senator mentioned that on the heel of the just climaxed Extra-Ordinary Development Sitting, he (Kaipay) had earlier threatened to boycott the assembly if the tools were not in county; a decision he changed on the basis of Supt. Baikpeh’s commitment to immediately return the equipment before the Sitting; such that did not happened as assured by the Superintendent; he expressed.

Though the Lawmaker pledged to stand with the citizens to ensure the timely return of the County Equipment, but his decision not to sign the Resolution will stall several development works in the County as everyone eagerly awaits impact of the recently turned over US$1m from Arcelor Mittal Liberia as Social Development Fund owed the County.

Meanwhile, Electoral District four Representative and Secretary of the Caucus, Vincent Willie has also promised to speak further on the Caucus’ position regarding ensuing situation. Reported by By: Onesimus S. Garway Sr

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