Sen. Nyonblee Lawrence Breaks July 26 Greetings Protocol -Outlines Myriad Woes as Liberia Clocks 173 Years


The normal protocol for extending salutations when a country celebrates its independence is to proclaim flowery words of hope, and oftentimes present a rosy picture that is far from reality. But Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence has completely deviated from protocol by unleashing a not-so-rosy picture that depicts Africa’s oldest republic facing the most daunting challenges since it declared its independence 173 years ago.
“Today, our beloved Country Celebrates 173 years of independence! We celebrate as the poorest Country in the world. We celebrate in search of reconciliation in the midst of corruption, division, hatred, sycophancy, and evil-mindedness. We have become very unpatriotic with no love for Country,” Sen. Lawrence declared Sunday in a social media post.
Posting under the theme: “there is still hope for Liberia”, the Liberty Party Political Leader and Founding Member of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties said the nation celebrates Independence Day at a time when its leaders are self-centered, corrupt, incompetent and greedy.
“We lack vision and the ability to lead. We have lost our way. Our image is destroyed, and our country has become a laughing stock. Our people are suffering, and the leaders do not care. The unbearable hardship has turned our people into hustlers and beggars for survival. Our children have become prostitutes to win bread for their parents and siblings,” Sen. Lawrence declared in a fiery tone.
Rape, she observed, has become pervasive, as it is perpetrated in high and low places on babies, children and women, with impunity.
“Sadly and strangely, the society is growing increasingly tolerant of rape, and increasingly unsupportive of the victims and their need for justice,” Sen. Lawrence further lamented.
“Frustrations and the general lack of care are leading to multiple deaths every day,” she said, noting that the citizens suffer because of non-functional hospitals, dysfunctional government, and poor-functioning educational system.
In a nation blessed with abundant natural resources, the vast majority of the citizens remain poor – a condition that makes Sen. Lawrence to wonder why the children have no chance to better their parents, and the elderly have no chance of being cared for, or retiring with deserved respect.
“Our resources are being mismanaged and exploited. We have the resources to build but lack capacities to priorities, and are too self-centered to care about the long-term best interests of the country,” Madam Lawrence averred.
Liberia, she declared, is in tears at her old age of 173 because of neglect and self-centeredness on the part of the national leadership.
“She is whispering in her faint voice: Love for Country, Reconciliation, Unity, Vision, Service, Work, Patriotism, Respect, and Leadership!! We continue to play death ears. What are we thinking today? What are we celebrating?” the Grand Bassa legislator wondered.
Hope Yet, Amidst Myriad Woes
Having outlined the country’s current dismal situation, Senator Lawrence presented a flash of hope leading to redemption, promising the dawn of a new day when true leaders will be identified to lead the nation.
“We can only pray that God will now turn to us and do what is best for us! We have done the worst for ourselves and it’s time for God to take control. God’s decisions will be felt drastically. Many will be affected. The sheep will be separated from the goats. The wicked will be exposed. Evil will be crushed,” she prophesied.
True leaders, Senator Lawrence declared, will be identified, and will come with vision, wisdom, understanding and love!
“Patriotism will wake up and we will love one another again and work tirelessly with joy! This night of madness will end. A new day will break. Liberia will rise again, with dignity and honor. We are hopeful. We love you, Liberia. Happy Independence Day!” Sen. Lawrence declared.

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