ANC On Slunteh’s Resignation – Wish Him the Best of Luck in Future Endeavors


The Political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) , Mr. Alexander Cummings, has reacted to the resignation from the ANC, a top-notch member of the party, Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh, says we received and accepted the resignation Slunteh, a 2017 running mate of Mr. Cummings.

“Today, we received and accepted the resignation of my friend, brother, and former running mate Ambassador Sulunteh from the ANC. Ambassador Sulunteh is, without a doubt, one of Liberia’s best sons and a seasoned diplomat and public servant. His service to our country and our party is admirable and highly appreciated,” Mr. Cummings said.
The ANC leader said, “However, we recognized that sometimes our journeys with people we have grown to know, respect, and admire must diverge.”

Cummings said the ANC had hoped and planned to carry Ambassador Sulunteh as its candidate for Bong County in the upcoming senatorial race, but added that unfortunately, the party lost Bong County to another constituent party of the CPP during the consensus-building process; and as such, “we cannot field a candidate in Bong as a party.”

He indicated, “These are some of the sacrifices and compromises we have to make as a party in the collaboration just as other parties have done,” explained.

The ANC is however saddened by the resignation of the former running mate of its 2017 Standard- bearer, but understands also understand that Mr. Solunteh has a political career to nurture and protect. “We have been nothing but open and honest with all of our candidates throughout this process, and had hoped we would all understand the dynamics of collaboration,” Mr. Cummings said.

He then wish Ambassador Sulunteh all the very best on his political journey, and said he intends to maintain the friendship and camaraderie he shares with him.

“I also urge all partisans of the ANC and members of the CPP to refrain from attacking Ambassador Sulunteh personally, directly or indirectly. He has the right to exercise his constitutional rights of association, and I trust and believe he has made the best decision for himself,” he advised, thanking the Liberian politician and diplomat for his many contributions and wish him the best of luck, now and always.

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