LPP Diaspora Membership Back New Leadership


The diaspora membership of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP) based in the North, Central and Southern Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa have backed the party’s new leadership led by Madam Theodosia Minikon Clark-Wah as announced a fortnight ago.

Madam Theodosia Minikon Clark-Wah was named as Acting Chairperson of the Party for the next six months with the mandate of making the party active once again.

In a statement issued, the diaspora partisans said after a careful consultation and conciliation of inputs within the membership of LPP diaspora after years of dormancy during the rule of the former Chairperson Joseph Kpator Jallah, they now endorse the new leadership.

According the statement under the signature of Moses M. Vankpanah, Chairperson of the Diaspora membership of LPP, the former chairperson could not meet the two weeks deadline given him to set up a team to run the organization to elections and/or convention and then it is indicative that he is incapable of handling the present tasks on hand.

He said the former chairperson cannot be a referee and player at the same time; working as a chairperson while aspiring or contesting to be a senator.
The membership accused the former Chairperson of making the party dormant primarily due to his national duty in government as a legal or liaison officer at the Central Bank of Liberia which does not allow him to focus on the activities of the party.

As a result of their busy schedule, there has never been a called or regular LPP National Executive Committee meeting let alone a special meeting as well as supervision of the activities at the county chapters thereby paralyzing the Liberian People’s Party’s vision.

They said the party’s presence is never felt at the National Elections Commission and Inter-Party Coordinating Committee Meetings.

With unfolding developments in the political landscape that requires the group said there is a need for the party’s active engagement with national democratic forces to redeem the Liberian people from the state of hopelessness and also prepare the party machinery to participate by fielding candidates in the forthcoming midterm senatorial elections as well as enable it prepare for 2023 the Presidential and Legislative Elections.

The diaspora members observed that with all of Chairman Jallah’s other portfolio he is unable to execute the present work load that is required to prepare the party to play a meaningful role in the political processes in the country.

“Finally the fact is that the party had remained mute on all the serious political challenges that our nation and people have and still continue to face during his 12 or more years of leadership which is indicative of his lack of innovation to move the organization forward in playing the roles required to free our people from the nightmares that continue to haunt them,” the statement noted.

The diaspora partisans then assured the new team of their fullest support in whatever ways they can base on their capacity to ensure that the mandates are achieved in a timely manner.

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