Dillon Development Council Releases First Report -Outlines Completed Projects; Says Others Pending


By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

The Senator Abraham Darius Dillon Development Council has released its first report covering the period of August to December 2019, names projects it has implemented with 15,000 United Stated dollars while others are said to be in progress.

The Chairperson of the Council, Madam Comfort Bedell, said the presentation of the report to Senator Dillon and the people of Montserrado County importantly is an indication of transparency and accountability that that the Council’s leadership has promised to demonstrate when she and her corps of officers were selected to lead the council. “It is exciting for the fact that it solidifies public trust in our team and proves that Senator Dillon is truly a man of his word,” Madam Bedell indicated.

According to Madam Bedell, the total amount received by the council during this period of August to December 2019 is 15, 000 United State Dollars for which projects were carefully selected through a vigorous need assessment studies to ensure that the projects impact as many people or communities as possible.

“It is an honor and a pleasing duty to perform this very desirable task of presenting the progress report on the implementation of phase one of the programs and activities of the Darius Dillon County Development Council. It’s important for the fact that it shows a mark of transparency and accountability that we promised to demonstrate when we were elected as leaders of this council,” Madam Bedell noted.

According to her, Senator Dillon received 5,000 USD of his salary during the Period of August to December 2019 as he promised the people of Montserrado during his campaign. “The remainder of the money was remitted to the account of the council, and [was] used to implement the projects covered in this report.

Accordingly, Madam Bedell indicated that projects for the 15, 000 USD were carefully selected through a vigorous need assessment studies to ensure t6hat they impact as many people or communities as possible.

The Dillon Development Council Chairperson named the projects covered during the reporting period as the Airfield Mosque Bathroom Project; the Newport Street Market Project; Michelin Street Save Drinking Water Project; Distribution Of Covid-19 Equipment and Foods Items; and Community Drainage Projects.
“I would like to emphasize that copies of the report are printed for the public to see. There will also be Newspaper publications of the report for the people of Montserrado County to read and engage us should there be any further concerns,” Madam Bedell promised.

Additionally, the Dillon Council Chairperson disclosed that phase two of the projects identified by the council are already underway, stating that there are projects in Todee and other rural parts of Montserrado being undertaking by the Council.

“As we doing today, we shall also call you for another media engagement when those projects are concluded,” she further assured the audience, and added: We shall always provide written and detailed reports of our works.

She then thanked Senator Dillon on behalf members of her team, the project committee, and the people of Montserrado, who she said, continue to remain cooperative and instrumental in helping to accomplish our tasks. ,

“I seize this moment to say a big thank you to Senator Dillon for his sacrifice of waving a considerable portion of his salary to facilitate our works. This is the first of its kind in the history of our country. We pray that the upcoming senatorial election would produce several more Dillons to move our country forward,” she said.

At this juncture, Madam Bedell presented the report to Senator Dillon in fulfillment of the call of duty and confidence reposed in her.

Receiving the report, the Liberty County Senator for Montserrado County, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon lauded the ADDC for the magnificent job they have done by implementing many projects in the county with many others being in progress.

“We want thank the Council that we set up to manage the money we promised to cut from our salary for projects in the county. We thank you all on the Council for the magnificent job you have done”.

During his campaign in 2019, Senator Dillon promised the people of Montserrado County that upon his election as senator, he will take US$5,000 of his monthly salary and give the excess than that amount to the county as a mark of protest against all public officials that are taking huge salary benefits than US$5000 while the rest of the people live in abject poverty.

“When I campaigned during the bi-election in 2019, I said should I win the election, I will cut my salary and take only US$5,000, and give the remaining money to the people of Montserrado County as a mark of protest against all public officials that taking huge salary while the citizens are living in poverty” he said.

The Montserrado County furthered said since his ascendency, he has given 24,000 to the ADDC as a mark of fulfillment of his promised to the people, that he would have cut his salary upon election.

Dillon noted that it is wrong for a public official to take home more than 5,000 United States Dollars as monthly salary while vital sectors of the economy decline and the people live in poverty.

“Since I promised to take only US$5,000 of my salary, I must keep my promise; if we were still making US$15,000 I would have taken $5,000 and give Montserrado the rest of the 10,000; if we were making $45,000, I would still take $5,000 and give $40,000; and even if we were $100,000, I would take $5,000 and give back $95,000 to the county. That’s how a man keeps his word,” Sen. Dillon exclaimed.
According to him, because senator’s net salary is US$7,900, he has decided to give US$3,000 to the people Montserrado County, which means he has to take US$4,900.

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