“Greed, Personal Aggrandizement” -Pundits Say say of Walker’s Resignation from NPP – As Standard Bearer Accepts disengagement


The recent resignation of Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker from the National Patriotic Party (NPP), gauging pundits’ opinions say is a strange phenomenon that a member of the same ruling Coalition resigning from their original party and claimed to remain an active subset of the Coalition for Democratic Change. “This is for “greed, personal aggrandizement and selfish reasons”.
Giving reasons for her disengagement, the former NPP chairperson for Gender Affairs said her political interests no longer intersect with the party that nurtured her dreams, even though she remains an active subset of the Coalition for Democratic Change of which the NPP is a governing member.
Madam Walker further intoned that she has no issues with Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, and that her decision to leave the NPP paves the way for her to join the Congress for Democratic Change.
Accepting Superintendent Easter Walker’s resignation during the course of the week, NPP standard bearer Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor wished Madam Walker well in her future political endeavors.
The NPP political leader further thanked Madam Walker for her service to the NPP, noting that she holds no reservation to Madam Walker’s decision for leaving the party.
Madam Taylor further emphasized that the NPP will remain a formidable force in the Liberian body politics, especially with the emergence of energetic youths who are keen on keeping the party’s vision alive.
The Bong County Superintendent’s resignation from the NPP comes against the background of strained relations between the presidency and the office of the Vice President, amidst a litany of accusations from supporters of the former, indicating that Madam Taylor is allegedly plotting the removal of President Weah.
The situation came to a head when a leaked audio of Superintendent Walker flooded the media in which she was allegedly grilled on January 28, 2019 at President Weah’s Jamaica Resort by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, State for Presidential Affairs Minister Nathaniel McGill and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee.
According to the leaked recording, Madam Walker narrated how the key Weah confidantes were unhappy over news that Vice President Taylor was working to undermine the government and overthrow President Weah, as exemplified by her acceptance of the nation’s highest traditional “Dahkpannah – chief of zoes” title which is usually reserved for heads of state.
Pundits are of the premonition that the resignation of Madam Esther Walker from the NPP, and her harried gravitation to the Congress for Democratic Change – a member of the same Coalition, might be the final straw that could break the back of the marriage of conv

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