NACSUL Rescues Bollore Amidst Media Report


The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) refutes media reports that Bollore Transport and Logistic Service is dealing in bad labor practices.  The union claims that the company has a friendly working environment contrary to media report of bad labor practice as alleged by its detractors.

NACSUL President, Mr.  Amos Kanneh, said the report is far from truth and is meant to draw the company into controversy based on falsehood.

According to him, the entity is compliant with procedures of the Labor Law of Liberia, and is guarded by the workers union collective bargaining agreement.

The NACSU chief executive said a survey conduct shows that the media fails to observe the tenets of journalistic ethics, and affirms that the company is reputable and its working is visible.

Kanneh said the company’s authority has cordial working relations with staffers, and will not bend the laws of the land.

“We have been paying our employee contrary to media report. We also have Liberians occupying key positions in the company. Our operations manager, for example, is a Liberian; the HR is also a Liberian, so we don’t see why the media is reporting negative things about Bollore Transport and Logistic Service”, Kanneh quoted the entity.

According to the union’s executive, the company has not sacked employees as reported. Instead, Bollore Transport and Logistic Service have redundant people.

According to Kenneh, the Bollore Transport and Logistic Service said ‘Some employees here are caught stealing, we don’t sack, we redundant, the workers union president said.

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