We Remain Resolute –


We Remain Resolute –
WHEN WE OPENED our doors to the public on August 13, 1998 with the aim of providing our readership with good journalism within a democratic context that would promote national growth through time-based appraisals and friendly criticisms aimed at pricking the conscience of the Liberian society, it was also during an epic period of national adversities, when everything seemed so uncertain not only for a fledging newspaper just hitting the newsstand, but for a country quaking under the throes of dictatorship.

IN LESS THAN A month of our infant survival, Monrovia would reel under the September 18, 1998 Camp Johnson Road onslaught between forces of former President Charles Taylor and remnants of General Roosevelt Johnson’s forces. With our first office being located smack on Johnson Street, a stone-throw away from the epicenter of the September 18 carnage, the management and staff of The Analyst Newspaper became exposed firsthand to the deaths and destruction that occasioned the melee.

ALBEIT, SINCE THEN, The Analyst and its dedicated coterie of professionals have had so much to thank God Almighty for over the many years of serving the Liberian people. For 21 unbroken years, we have remained intellectually engaged with succeeding governments through the provision of sharp, insightful and analytical write-ups, as well as Memos to various presidents and duty bearers with the aim of guiding policy directions for the betterment of our common patrimony.

THROUGHOUT OUR SEVERAL interactions with the public and the governors, Liberia has always remained the common denominator that fueled our commitment to the sustenance of peace and democracy.

AND THROUGHOUT THE many adversities encountered in the solemn discharge of our professional duties, we at The Analyst have been solely guided by our conscience and the dictates of Providence; holding onto a singular conviction of industry, self-determination and self-worth.

THIS IS ALL the reason why, like adversities past, we have taken in good strides the recent act of burglary perpetrated by unknown persons on June 25, 2020 against our premises. Of course, the burglars made away with all of the computers and other newsroom equipment, after removing part of the window bar and entering the newsroom.

AGAIN, WHAT IS even surprising is, if the act was solely intended to steal, why would the burglars restrict themselves to the newsroom and take away only computers with all the media establishment information?

ASTONISHING ALSO, AND thanks to God, is the fact that none of the other offices were broken into. The Conference Room which wasn’t locked contained about 14 chairs; the mini generator is still in the papers room; the business office is still intact. The wall fan in the news room was left untouched. Was it really the work of criminals or was it meant to sabotage The Analyst?

MEANWHILE, AS WE await full investigation into the burglary by the Liberia National Police, we are pleased to inform our general readership that we have officially resumed publication today after the wicked act of burglary.

WHETHER THE BURGLARY was intended to sabotage our work or it is the work of criminals, we remain resolute to continue our reportorial duty, thus our appearing on the newsstand today, in continuation of our abiding motto: “For those who strive for a better Liberia”.

ABOVE ALL ELSE, thanks to our staff whose faith and determination made it possible for us to be on the newsstand today.

FINALLY, WE THANK our well-wishers for their calls and text messages during this sad moment of our predicament. We urge them to continue with us in our endeavor to contribute to the building of a vibrant, peaceful and better Liberia.

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