Dumoe Shows Youth Power In Bong -Discounts Reports of Late Appearance in Pending Senatorial Race


Though Considered a “just come” in a typical Liberian way, the decision of a political activists, Menipakei Dumoe, to enter the race for the mid-term senatorial contest for Bong County seemed ill-advised and was therefore questioned. But the ticks of the pendulum of time signal differently with a succession of reports of massive mind-changing youth support from across the vote-rich county.

Menipakei Dumoe’s decision though considered too late for the 2020 senatorial race as some have advised him to wait and try the 2023 legislative process, according to a Facebook poster, Dumoe is yet reported a serious contender that may step on those considered political elephants in the county.

From his own observation when he appeared on the popular Costa Show last week, Menipakei Dumoe said, “I am receiving rock-star welcome from the citizens of the county. Most of our supporters want me to go and join Dillon,” an assertion for which his host, Mr. Henry Pedro Costa congratulated him: Thank you, Mr. Dumoe for giving us a temperature check on the race in Bong County. Stay safe and we are behind you fully.

According to reports, Dumoe has changed everyone’s calculations in Bong. He is showing youth power in both upper and lower Bong. It is a known fact that Menipakei Dumoe is a child of both upper and lower Bong. His Sanoyea mother and Suakoko father makes him a balancer in the divisive and coveted Bong County senate race.

Besides, others – mostly his supporters, recognized Dumoe as a political activist hailing from Bong County, whose contribution to the Liberian political landscape is well regarded for having a deep understanding of Liberian politics.

“Sources close to the young and eloquent Liberian politician say he intentionally blind-sided the establishment in Bong County politics. His seemingly abrupt entry in to the race has forced all actors in the race make important adjustments,” a supporter said.

It is said that Henry Costa of the Council of Patriots (COP) and the entire COP are backing Dumoe, a front runner.

In a County that is swiftly becoming anti-Weah, the supporters said the numbers favor a vocal Weah critic like Menipakei Dumoe.

To make matters even better for Dumoe, another Facebook poster said that Dumoe is the current acting chairman of the Council of Patriots. Dumoe has been receiving rock-star treatment from the young people in Bong County.

Reports said the young Liberian politician has been touring the county to consult with key stakeholders regarding his intention to contest the upcoming mid-term Senatorial elections in Bong County, as he promised to empower the young people during this critical period in the country.

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