CPP Will Shame the Critics -Chairman Cummings Promises a Unified Agenda


By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr. & Rancy S. Teewia

One of the main contending issues that continues to haunt the opposition camp is what critics see as the indecisiveness of the four collaborating parties in forging a unified front and fielding a winsome team that could unseat the governing Coalition for Democratic Change. But the new Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties, Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, seemed to have put the matter to rest. The CPP, Chairman Cummings said, is ready and prepared to move its agenda in a very positive direction, noting that their critics will be put to shame as they see a new CPP stronger and more unified.

Making the statement Thursday following a visit at the Capitol Building where he met with his CPP legislators, Mr. Cummings observed that at first, people said the CPP would never get to this point; “but we have done that and what I say to anyone who thinks we will not hold together is to watch and see. We are committed to making this work. They will see it and they will take their words back!”

Chairman Cummings further averred that despite public criticisms that the four political parties will not hold together over allegations of power struggle among its leaders, the CPP has committed itself to one agenda to ensure that the institution remains strong and together, noting that the Framework document is under review by the legal advisers.

While acknowledging that there will always be a clash of interests when four competing political parties come together, yet he confirmed, “We are very committed to one agenda, to working together. The instrument is being reviewed by our legal advisers and we expect to get a final draft by next week.”

Mr. Cummings said when the document is received as expected, it will be populated among Liberians for further feedback after which additional ratifications will be made and finalized for usage by the political party.

Americo-Liberian vs Native Diatribe

With the governing Coalition for Democratic Change already beating the drums of divisive politics, Chairman Cummings who also serves as political leader of the Alternative National Congress has expressed serious disappointment in Chief Cyril Allen who is a member of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Governing Council, for recent statement he Allen made to the press indicating that Cummings is an Americo-Liberian who cannot be president of Liberia.

He said it is very saddening that some Liberians will continue to preach Americo-Liberian versus Native politics when the nation is striving for transformation; but however noted that the power to make him president does not lie within the decision of Mr. Allen, but the Liberian people.

“I am disappointed in such statement and I will say to him that the decision to say who becomes president is with the Liberian people, not him,” Mr. Cummings said.

Accompanying Mr. Cummings on the CPP legislative excursion, the Vice Chairperson for Political Affairs for the All Liberian Party (ALP) Telia Urey said their visit was intended to have a conversation with CPP legislators to strengthen the relationship between the CPP executives and their legislators.

“You know that we just signed our Framework document, so we came to speak to them to see how we can strengthen the relationship between CPP and our lawmakers,” Ms. Urey noted.

She said the CPP lawmakers are expected to work in line with whatever legislative agenda that the CPP will be putting forth, as this is cardinal for the CPP in enhancing good governance.

According to Madam Urey, the agenda of the CPP has to be incorporated and synced with the four independent political parties, which have different visions and manifestos.

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