CPP Has Strength to unseat CDC @ 2023 -Incoming Chairman Talks Tough


The new Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, says the CPP is fully prepared to take state power from the Weah-led government because the people of Liberia are yearning to bring good governance back to Liberia.

Chairman Cummings who also happens to be the Political Leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress noted that while the government has at its disposal institutional advantages such as state resources, state money, state security, the Liberian opposition bloc has the numerical strength to unseat the Coalition for Democratic Change regime at the polls in 2023.

To do this Cummings said, “We need to reconcile and coordinate all of the oppositions. We will need to gather all the support from the four political parties even as we reach out to others.”

Making the disclosure on the Costa Show Monday May 25 during his maiden appearance as Chairman of the CPP, Mr. Cummings noted that his plan for the next eight months is to make the CPP fully functional.

“In the framework agreement we have different organs of the CPP – the national advisory council, the executive committee and the secretariat. We need to ensure these organs are populated, organized, running and functional. That needs to happen very quickly. Beyond that we need to ensure the CPP is certified and recognized by the National Elections Commission immediately,” the CPP Chairman noted.

Among other things, Mr. Cummings further disclosed that the CPP will reach out to county organizations to ensure those organizations are well coordinated.

“We have to reach out to the Diaspora to make sure they are coordinated. We have to reach out to the region, to let the leaders in the region know the challenges we face in Liberia as a result of this incompetent and inept government,” Mr. Cummings averred, noting that the CPP will also develop a general manifesto or commitment that binds the party to doing the rights things for the Liberian people.

Regarding rumors that the government intends to defer the Special Senatorial Elections beyond 2020, Mr. Cummings said the CPP will not accept any deferment of the elections date beyond December 2020.

He noted that while cognizant of the hurdles posed on holding elections in line with the constitutional mandate because of the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, Liberians must go to the polls no later than December 2020 as was done in 2014 when Ebola struck.

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