Road to Health, MASDA, FIPOL, Identified with Citizens of Cape Mount -Present Rice, Cash, buckets, amongst Others


By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr

A group under the banner, Manivalor and Siamie Development Association (MASDA) in collaboration with FIPOL and Road to Health have donated several bags of 25kg rice, hand washing buckets, cash, and other Coronavirus preventive materials to 27 towns in Grand Cape Mount County.

The donation which is estimated at about 300,000 Liberian dollars according to the group, saw more than 200 persons benefiting, when representatives from each of the 27 towns gathered in Manivalor on Saturday, May 9, 2020 to take delivery of their share of the items.

Speaking during the donation, Manivalor and Siamie Development Association (MASDA) Chairman, Askia Corneh said due to the pause of normal activities as a result of the Coronavirus and the State of emergency pronounced by President George Weah on April 8, which has brought difficulties to Liberians the groups have deem it necessary to contribute to the wellbeing of the people.

Mr. Corneh said the Men and Women who contributed to the gesture, believe in the health and safety of their people and saw it necessary to reach out to them in time of crisis, when everyone is striving to survive hunger and at the same time preventing themselves against the Coronavirus pandemic that has taken thousands of lives across the World.

For her part, Pokpa District Paramount Chief, Jamilatu Corneh Watson, who is also a contributor to the donation, said it is their way of supporting the safety of their people in these critical times of the country and added, that might not be the end of their initiatives.

She said as the government prepares for the distribution of food to vulnerable people as stated by the Liberian leader recently, MASDA has collaborated with FIPOL and Road to Health to give to their people while the await national distribution.

According to her, prior to the arrival of the rice, buckets and other Coronavirus preventive materials as well as the cash, they have been observing all of the health protocols aim at preventing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

She said the local leadership of Pokpa, Garwular and other parts of Grand Cape Mount County are making frantic efforts including visiting towns and villages to ensure that the message of prevention against COVID-19 is heard by every citizen of county.

She added that despite of the high level of respect her people have for their traditions especially when it comes to shaking hands, they have been working hard so as to make them understand the risk and threats of shaking hands in the midst of the global health crisis.

Meanwhile, several beneficiaries including Elder Bai Sherman, a clan Chief of the upper Garwulor clan lauded the benevolence of the three institutions for taking into consideration that they have people who are going through difficult times as result of the pandemic and the State of emergency and are striving to survive in the midst of the Coronavirus.

Chief Bai at the same time called on every citizen of the county to take the measures instituted by health authorities in containing the Coronavirus pandemic in country, adding that anyone who doesn’t believe the existence of COVID-19 in Liberia is doing so at his or her own detriment.

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