Rev. Brown Wants President Weah QUARANTINE himself or get TESTED -Says Fight against COVID-19 needs to be transparent and supported by all Liberians


The President of the Liberia Council of Church (LCC), Rev. Dr. Kortu K. Brown said the fight against COVID-19 needs to be transparent and supported by all Liberians and pointed out that For the Government, setting policies, taking immediate/remedial/preemptive actions including setting good examples could go a long way in undermining the spread of the virus in the country.

He furthered “that’s why we want to make this open appeal to the President – and Government of Liberia to continue to set the required examples that could enforce the fight against the virus especially as we struggle with measures to defeat Coronavirus.”

Rev. Brown in an interview with this paper yesterday, said “Cognizance of the fact that several senior officials of Government including the Minister of Justice, Minister of Information, Deputy Police Directors, etc. have tested positive to COVID-19, it will serve the fight well if President Weah were to either QUARANTINE himself for the required time or get TESTED, given his closeness to some of his officials who have tested positive. That will be a good example for the country and it will help the fight, a lot. Nobody will have an excuse not to follow such good examples.”

Rev. Brown urged Liberians that the virus is a disease, a deadly one that we must fight together. Nobody should be stigmatized for self-quarantining, testing or succumbing to the virus. People should also avoid spreading false information about people and the efforts to contain the virus. This is not helpful. Why should any group of people be happy because someone tested positive to Coronavirus or is quarantined?

According to Rev. Brown, “we should NOT politicize the fight against Coronavirus. God forbid, if any of the people in close proximity to any of us tested positive, we should try as much as we can to ensure that we uphold and/or enforce the health protocols. When the US President met the Brazilian President a few months back and later, the Press Secretary to the President of Brazil tested positive, both Presidents took their tests. THEIR RESULTS TURNED OUT TO BE NEGATIVE!”

Rev. who is also President of the interreligious Council of Li9beria (IRC) also thanked all the frontline people in the fight, and said “we sincerely thank President George M. Weah for donating 300 bags of rice to the LCC for distribution; Cummings Africa Foundation for donating 90 bags of rice and 15 tin of vegetable oil; Bread for the World Germany and other partners for their support to the Churches’ Coronavirus Ecumenical Emergency Response (CEER)”.

He indicated that the CEER Emergency Relief committee is finalizing plans for distribution of these material relief items. “Voice recordings of national church leaders raising awareness against Covid-19 and promoting the upholding of health protocols including social distancing, are being aired on all of our national radio stations”.


Concluding Rev. Brown who is also Pastor of the New Water in the Desert Assembly, extended his our deepest sympathies to the people of grand cape Mount County and families of those who lost their lives last evening in the mudslide the county.

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