Do Your COVID-19 Test – Sen. Dillon Tells Pres. Weah; “I am Not Sick”, Prezzo Reacts


As rumors keep making the rounds that the Liberian president might have contracted the deadly Coronavirus since in fact, he had been in close contact with members of his Cabinet that have been tested positive of COVID-19, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon is advising President George M. Weah to immediately submit to taking the test.

According to Senator Dillon, who proffered the words of caution to President Weah last evening via social media, President Weah needs to submit to a COVID-19 test to first ensure his (President Weah) own safety, and the safety and wellbeing of others coming in regular contact with him, so as not to unknowingly risk their lives.

Using a hypothetical situation where Mr. Dillon opined what he would have done if he were the President of Liberia that is facing similar daunting situation, the loquacious Montserrado County Senator said, as president, he would also immediately quash the rumors or speculations that he is CONVID-19 positive.

“He has to clear the air of any rumor and/or speculation”, said Senator Dillon, adding, “I can only hope he will listen!”

The lawmaker said the president would be showing a sign of courage and good leadership by submitting to testing and quelling rumor of his contracting COVID-19.

“This will also be an inspiration to others that are similarly situated but are ashamed of being stigmatized to come forth for testing. I am urging Pres. Weah to submit himself to the test. Being COVID-19 positive is not a crime or a death sentence; and anyone can get infected,” averred Sen. Dillon.

“Not Sick” – Pres. Weah Reacts

Without the ink having dried from Sen. Dillon’s social media post, the Liberian leader on the morning of Thursday, April 30, 2020, at about 9:00 a.m., called the Hot Pepper newspaper to let the Liberian people know that he is well and has a very decent bill of health, both mentally and physically.

“President Weah however disclosed that he was suffering from arthritis (inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain and stiffness that worsen with age), but has since heeded his doctor’s advice, prohibiting him from eating certain food, and so he is doing quite well,” stated the Hot Pepper Newspaper yesterday.

According to the Hot Pepper, Pres. Weah said even though he has not contacted the Coronavirus as is being speculated, mainly on social media and by some talk show hosts, he is greatly worried and disturbed about the recent wave of COVID-19 attacks on his close associates and friends in his government.

“Making particular reference to the late Marcus Soko, Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the President, choking on his words and at the verge of tears, said that the DEA Boss has been his friend since 1984,” noted the newspaper, going further to quote President Weah as saying that he and the deceased even played soccer together on Young Survivors together, and that the late Soko’s children call him Uncle George.

According to the paper, the President emphasized that he has observed, and is observing, the social distancing regulation to the core. “He noted that, during health briefings, the Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhemina Jallah, sits three feet away from him at all times, and that at all other meetings, be it cabinet or not, they are six feet apart,” said The Hot Pepper.

Going further, the paper quoted President Weah as saying that he takes periodic patrols in Monrovia and its environs to see, first-hand, whether or not the social distancing rule is being adhered to.

According to President Weah, social distancing regulation is not working, based on his observation of some communities that he visited. The President said owing to this, his government recommended everyone to wear face masks when in the streets or public gatherings.

“On the part of his role as Joint Security Chief, the President of the Republic of Liberia called for unity among the security forces in enforcing the State of Emergency. The CIC also called on law enforcement officials to make visible their identity cards for easy recognition to minimize the conflict among state security agencies,” stated the paper.

Regarding the distribution of food to communities across the country, President Weah is said to have informed that said his government is working with international partners to implement the food distribution to its people, which will begin very soon. He praised the Liberian people for being cooperative with his government and applauded the first responders for an excellent job so far, urging the people to remain positive and implement positive life styles.

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