Cummings Africa Foundation Announces COVID-19 Response -Mobilized 70K to Touch Lives across Liberia


The Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF) has announced its COVID-19 Response intervention in seven counties across the country including Montserrado, Margibi and Nimba. The initiative is intended to provide Liberians in those communities with food products procured from local producers, while the rice was procured through a Liberian importer.

A press statement issued yesterday by the Foundation mentioned Grand Kru, River Gee, Maryland and Grand Cape Mount counties as places that will also be covered by CAF during the intervention.

The statement says the selected counties were chosen in order to enable the Cummings Africa Foundation serve all regions of the country during this difficult period, disclosing further that US$$70,000 has been raised by the foundation.

“The total amount raised for the CAF Food Distribution is $70,000 United States Dollars, of which US$25,000 was given as a grant to a local NGO, Teach for Liberia (TFL), to provide food and cleaning items to 3,000 teachers and students around the country,” the statement signed by the Country Director of CAF, Dr. Wede Elliott-Brownell disclosed.

The Cummings Africa Foundation, the statement said, began its food distribution in Grand Cape Mount County on Thursday, April 30, 2019.

The statement furthered that each package will include rice, palm oil, vegetable oil, super gari (with milk and sugar) and detergent to promote handwashing and sanitation.

The Foundation explained that Liberianization was prioritized in procuring the food items. “We are also pleased to announce that most of the food products were procured from local Liberian producers, while the rice was procured through a Liberian importer.”

The CAF promised that it remains committed to supporting the local economy in this difficult period in continuation of its entrepreneurship program which focuses on supporting and developing Liberian businesses.

“The CAF team began distribution in Grand Cape Mount County on Thursday, Montserrado, Margibi and Nimba thereafter. Distribution for the Southeast will begin early May,” the Foundation said, stating that a local Liberian owned vessel has shipped the food and cleaning items for the southeast and the ship is expected to arrive in Maryland County shortly.

The Cummings Africa Foundation is a local non-profit organization established in 2015 by the Cummings family to provide humanitarian services to Liberians in the areas of education, health, and business.

Over the years, the Foundation has spent over one million United States Dollars in Liberia for scholarships, healthcare supplies, and support for non-profit as well as on charitable organizations.

The statement said the Foundation currently supports the Alexander B. Cummings Model Science and Technology School (ABCMSTS), a STEM school located on Duport Road, Paynesville. Last Year, the Foundation held the first Liberia Entrepreneurship Summit providing grants totaling US$25,000 to two Liberian businesses, according to the CAF statement.

The statement concluded that the Foundation remains committed to improving the lives of Liberians with funding from the Cummings Family and other donors. “We encourage everyone to continue to adhere to the health protocols for COVID-19 and stay safe.”

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