Jewel Starfish Receives Anti-COVID-19 Donations -From IOM, Lucky Pharmacies, Dogliotti College


Three institutions, including the International Organization on Migration (IOM), Lucky Development Corporation, owner of Lucky Pharmacies in Liberia, and the University of Liberia’s School of Pharmacy at the A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine have donated consignments of assorted anti-coronavirus items to the Jewel Starfish Foundation to help the foundation empower communities in the fight against the deadly coronavirus scourge that in the country.

According to the Chairperson of the Board of the Jewel Starfish Foundation, Madam Norwu Howard, a longtime partner of the foundation – the International Organization on Migration (IOM) donated a consignment of faucet buckets; Lucky Development Corporation, owner of Lucky Pharmacies in Liberia provided the chlorax, dethol, hand gloves and face masks; while the A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine’s School of Pharmacy gave alcohol-based hand rubs (hand sanitizers).

Madam Howard also said several bags of rice were provided to the organization by the its founder, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor to supplement the availability of food in the homes of the ordinary people during this critical period.

Accordingly, the Jewel Starfish Foundation has stepped out to empower locals with the requisite preventive materials and the rice donated by VP Taylor so as to be able to stay safe against the disease. The disease has taken thousands of lives across the world and brought the global community to its knees since its outbreak, with health workers making a discovery of the COVID-19 since mid-March in Monrovia, at which time the first confirmed case was announced

As a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Liberia, preventive messages have been out calling on residents to practice handwashing and the use of disinfectants such as sanitizers, chlorax and alcohol amongst others.

Considering that these items and food become ardent necessities for the prevention and containment of the pandemic, many intervening agencies and organizations have engaged to support grassroots and local initiatives that would bring relief to the people in acquiring the basic items needed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Apparently against this background, the three organizations mentioned have made the donations to the Jewel Starfish Foundation, and the organization selflessly distributed the items to community dwellers in the Sophie Block B Community in Monrovia.

The Foundation’s Board Chair, Madam Howard extended appreciation to the institutions on behalf of the founder, Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor for the gesture.

She also commended VP Taylor for the donation of a consignment of rice to the organization, saying that these donations are important to the beneficiaries in upholding the basic health protocols

Madam Howard said those who remember the people in these perilous time are indeed friends and partners, noting that the items would be used for the intended purpose.

Meanwhile, the Jewel Starfish Foundation Board Chair, Norwu Howard, led a team of Starfish Foundation Awareness delegates to the Down Town quarter of Sophie Community where the group donated to 50 homes, rice and preventive materials, including buckets and other sanitary items.

Madam Howard informed the community dwellers that the assorted items were given to the Foundation by the International Organization on Migration (IOM), Lucky Pharmacy and the A. M. Doglioti College of Medicine at the University of Liberia, while the rice was given by the Starfish Foundation founder and Chief Sponsor, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor.

Presenting the items to the community, Starfish Foundation Program Director, Stephene Kpoto, told the people that her organization’s assessment on COVID-19 prevention has captured many communities in Monrovia and its environs, including the Sophie Community.

She said it is about time for every Liberian, particularly the young people, to work together to fight the Coronavirus pandemic that has posed a serious threat to the lives of everyone in World.   Currently, Coronavirus is affecting people in about 199 Countries and territories on Globe.

Ms. Kpoto said the survival of every person in Liberia is the paramount concern to all Liberians, saying that she wants the fight against the deadly virus be intensified to ensure that it is contained for the safety of the Country and its people.

Meanwhile, Koiyan Massawala of the Down Sophie Community area, on behalf of the residents, thanks the Foundation for the gesture, and assured that the materials will be used for the intended objective.

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