LP CALLS FOR NWABUDIKE PROSECUTION -For “perjury and other alleged criminal acts”


The wide spread Condemnation which followed the nomination of Cllr. A. Ndubuisi Nwadike, the self-claimed naturalized Liberian as chairman, of the National Elections Commission ( N E C ) seems to be far from over as more reactions continue to trail it. One of such came over the weekend from the opposition Liberty Party which is not only calling for the rejection of the nominee but be turned over to the Ministry of Justice for prosecution for perjury and other alleged criminal acts.

In a strong worded release signed by Mr. Kla-Edward Toomey II, Deputy Secretary General for Press and Public Affairs of the Liberty Party stated that as was discovered by the Senate during his confirmation, the embittered nominee’s naturalization at the age of 17, clearly violates Section 21.3 (2) of the Alien and Naturalization Law of Liberia and his alleged use of at least two passports bearing different years of birth are sufficient grounds for his rejection and prosecution.

The release further emphasized that the discovery of these fraudulent acts in Cllr. Nwabudike’s acquisition of Liberian citizenship by the Liberian Senate against his persistent denial under Oath that his citizenship was legally acquired Constitutes perjury; a third degree felony punishable under Section 12. 30 of the Penal Code of Liberia. The party said it believes that the prosecution of Cllr. Nwabudike who also currently serves as the Chair of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) will serve as a much – needed deterrent for people who are bent on manipulating our legal system to perpetuate fraudulent acts.

The Party which came third in the 2017 presidential and representative elections and had challenged the outcome of the process at the Supreme Court then also urged the senate to be mindful not to be distracted by Cllr. Nwabudike, but must beam its light on Mr. Floyd Sayor who the party described as “equally dangerous and morally deficient nominee” with the view of rejecting his nomination. It highlighted his records as Head of the Data Center and described them as replete with evidence of fraud and irregularities to the extent that the ruling of the Hearing Officer of NEC approved by its Board of Commissioners indicted Mr. Sayor for being responsible for the fraud and irregularities that gave rise to a partial re-run of the District 15, Montserrado County bye election in 2019.

“The Liberian Senate must take cognizance of its obligations to the Liberian people under the social contract theory that underpins democratic governance by yielding to widespread public outcry against the Confirmation of these nominees. The Senate must act to prevent a possible post-election Crisis in our country by insisting that only reputable and competent Liberians serve on the Board of Commissioners of NEC. Liberia has had enough and cannot afford to relive its tragic history arising from post-election disputes”, the release said,

Meanwhile, an executive Mansion release last week announced the withdrawal of the nomination of Cllr. Nwabudike while it was also reported that the Senate Confirmed the nomination of four nominees as Commissioners and moved that Mr. Floyd Sayor’s should be reconsidered.

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