A Message to Liberia by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Former President


A Message to Liberia

by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Former President

On March 30, 2014, that strange disease entered our country.  Together, we fought it. Doctors, nurses, and health care workers worked even though many of their colleagues had died. Community leaders and women took charge to identify and administer to those affected. Churches and Mosques prayed and observed the rules, even though it violated traditional practices and habits. Markets and stores tried to keep the country with food and supplies as they too respected official regulations.

One year later because we followed the rule, because we stood together and respected and helped each other, we defeated EBOLA in defiance of international predictions.

It is time to go to work again to beat this new enemy. There are few things which I believe Government and citizens can to do together.

First, as much as possible stay home and stay out of public gatherings, keep the children who are out of schools doing other things such as readings and playing games at home.

Health authorities with support from Government should try harder to increase the testing of citizens and citizens must act in their own interest to get tested.

Protect and respect doctors, nurses, and health care workers who are making great sacrifices to save us. We owe much to them and should thank them.

Manage the money, one of our biggest failure as a nation, our economy will feel the effect and will need all public resource account for economic recovery.

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