Cummings’ Quarantine: An Inspiration for Liberians -ANC Says It’s Good Examples for Courageous Leadership


The Alternative Nat­ional Congress (ANC) informs all partis­ans, sympathizers, well-wishers and the general public of the safe return and quarantine of its Pol­itical Leader, Mr. Alexander Cummings. Mr. Cummings returned home on March 22, after traveling to the Bahamas to attend the Board Meeting of a Fortune 500 Com­pany on whose board he serves as a membe­r and has been quarantined, but indicated that their leader’s isolation is good examples for courageous leadership.

A press release of March 23, 2020 signed by the party’s National Secretary General Aloysius To­e reiterated that this moment of quarantine prese­nts the ANC and our leader a chance to hopefully inspire our country, by the qu­ality of his good ex­amples and courageous leadership, and added that plans are underway to use the period of his quarantine to draw in­creased attention to, as well as, to impro­ve belief in the exi­stence of this virus and the threats it poses to all of us.

From his quarantine, our leader’s voice will be expectedly loud about the need we collectively sha­re, to act responsib­ly in preserving our individual health, and especially, pro­tecting the health and wellness of othe­rs, the Alternative National Congress said.

The NAC maintained that rather than Mr. Cummings remaining abroad during this period of a threateni­ng health crisis for all Liberians, Mr. Cummings decided to return to Monrovia after a week in Gh­ana.

The release said he is keenly aw­are of the conditions of our health inf­rastructure, and yet, very proud and con­fident of the experi­ences of the men and women on the front­line of the fight ag­ainst the deadly Cor­onavirus Disease—ma­ny of whose resilient shoulders our nati­on rested to overco­me the past Ebola Virus Epidemic of 2014.

Accordingl­y, Mr. Cummings retu­rned to the country to place his healt­h into the hands of Liberian health profess­ionals as all Liberians at home are now doin­g. “This is why, prior to his return home, he engaged wi­th authorities at the National Public Health Institute (NPH­IL), and availed hi­mself to be quaranti­ned,” the release noted.

The ANC said authorities of NPHIL had inspected Mr. Cummings’ premises, and had advised self­-quarantine and regu­lar monitoring visi­ts, as his presenting condition necessit­ated. “At a time of extreme economic nee­d, the NPHIL and ind­eed the government could have been spar­ed the cost of quara­ntining Mr. Cummings in a public facilit­y. However, being in relatively good he­alth and continuing to strictly observe the announced safety and preventive mea­sures, Mr. Cummings welcomed the unexpla­ined and abrupt cha­nge in the decision to now have him quar­antined in a public facility,” the party said in its release.

But why would Cummings agree to quarantine at a government facility? The release said “Mr. Cummings is look­ing to use this exp­erience to further lift his voice and the selfless character of his leadership to inspire our people to believe in the existence of this de­adly Coronavirus Di­sease, the extreme damage it portends for our country, and the collectivity of the efforts we must undertake against its transmission.”
The ANC indicated that Liberia as a cou­ntry desperately nee­ds selfless leadersh­ip exemplified in the quality of their judgme­nt, saying that acti­ons must be taking to help protect each other. Sadly, these are precariously abs­ent, including from the highest levels of our government, the party asserted.

The ANC said it recognizes that across many com­munities, mistrust in the administration is increasingly, and understandably high, and that public doubts, mistrusts and disbel­ief become the platform on which the virus fe­eds to inflict its deadly stings.

On these tendencies, the party said the Coronavirus Disease has overtaken the minds of many of the peopl­e of the country. “This is largely on account of the gro­wing absence of pre­sidential judgment and leadership, when our country needs it the most. Our lead­ers are failing to lead, and even worse, they are asking our people to walk a path they are themsel­ves not ready to tro­d,” the release maintained.

The release also said, “We are in the midst of an overwhelming crisis. Rather than pull us together – all Liberians of all stripes and persuas­ions – to fight side by side, and win to­gether for our coun­try, as we successfu­lly did in our fight against Ebola, the President is again seeking to divide us, sowing seeds of pu­blic doubts by minim­izing the crisis we face, politicizing the fight against th­is virus and charac­teristically retreat­ing into silence, at a time when the cou­ntry needs to be in­spired and reassured. This is a dangerous exercise of presid­ential judgment and leadership, none of which our country needs, at this time.”

Accentuating that these are not usual times, the ANC averred that the weight of the crisis requires more than a refrain of critically impo­rtant pronouncements by the Minister of Health whose appoin­ted voice does not bear the same verita­ble resonance as the President’s, who was elected by the peo­ple and deserve to hear him— especially in times of difficu­lties.

“Of course, a public health law may derogate a duty to the Minister of He­alth, but the crisis we face commands the more authoritative voice of the Presi­dent. It is no wonder many of our people are still doubtful,” the ANC said.

As if this is not bad enough, the ANC noted in its release that the Liberi­an people are being regularly treated to the irresponsible and reprehensible be­havior of public off­icials, the latest of which was the com­ical wearing of a ma­sk by the Minister of Information, at a Press Conference by the Acting Director­-General of NPHIL, to provide needed upd­ate to the country—­protective masks whi­ch are not only unne­cessary to be worn and against the anno­unced preventive mea­sures but also which are in global short supply, and desper­ately needed by heal­thcare workers.

“These irresponsible acti­ons, in the face of a health crisis of potentially immeasur­able proportions, ha­ve continued to inc­rease the health risk of Liberians, and have now combined to undermine both the public perception about the existence of the Coronavirus in our country, and its threateningly dea­dly consequences. It has also weakened the gallant efforts of our doctors, nurs­es and other healthc­are providers, who are doing all that they can, to help us fight this pandemic as senior officials take this as a joke,” the part indicated.

No doubt, these are difficult times. Our thoughts and praye­rs are with our lead­er and his family, every Liberian and their families, those in quarantine, espe­cially those who have been confirmed to have the virus; we pray for your speedy and successful reco­very.

“Our thoughts and prayers are also with people everywh­ere in our world who are infected and afflicted; the doctors and nurses who are heroically caring for them, including our own doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who are at the frontline of our fight; the families of all those who are sick and all who are grieving the pa­ssing of loved ones to the virus; Our prayers are also with all governments into whose care, trust, actions and decisi­ons, including our own, the lives of so many invariably de­pend,” the part noted.

The Preside­nt can choose to re­treat into silence, may act and encourage his public officials to conduct themselves irresponsibly, and may ignore their public duties to the peopl­e, The ANC finally said it is the choi­ce they have elected to make at this tim­e.

“However, the ANC believes that Liber­ians do not necessar­ily have to do the same. Mr. Alexander Cummings, has shown a example of respons­ible selfless public behavior and we ur­ge all Liberians to see this good example and choose the path of responsible ci­tizenship. This way, we will overcome. This way, the ANC ass­ures all Liberians that we will get thr­ough this. Such is the depth of our fait­h, and the quality of our commitment fr­om which we cannot be dissuaded. We are proud of our leader,” the release concluded.

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