War Crime Advocates Arrested -EM Says for ‘Blocking’ President’s Driveway


The Executive Mansion says several persons have been arrested by the Liberian National Police for breach of security at the Foreign Ministry office of President George M. Weah. The group, led by one Emmanuel Savice, broke through the perimeter set by the Executive Protection Service (EPS) and blocked the entrance with a vehicle.

The Office of the Presidential Press Secretary said in a press release yesterday that Mr. Savice and his followers, who had earlier gone to the Capitol Building in order to petition lawmakers for the establishment of a war crime court.

Savice and his supporters used their vehicle to block the exit route of the Presidential convoy, with the ultimate gross disregard to instructions by security forces to remove the blockade, according to the Executive mansion release.

Some members of the group, including Savice, were subsequently arrested by LNP officers – who had done all in the powers to ensure the protection of their rights.

The police authorities have acknowledged having Savice and companions in their custody, and announced that they will be duly charged and forwarded to court.

The government reiterates that it will do all within its power to ensure that the constitutional rights of all Liberians to free assembly and association but that the exercise of such rights must be done in a civil manner in keeping with law.

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