Abe Dillion Suggests Tough Plenary Measures -Pushes for transparent and accountable Senate Session


Montserrado County Senator Abe Darius Dillon has embarked on ensuring a transparent Plenary of the Liberian Senate, says reform measures are needed in the Legislature, especially the Senate, in the best interest of transparency and accountability.

Saying there should be no more hiding, and no more secrets in line with Article 15(c) of the Constitution of Liberia, the tough talking Montserrado County Senator suggested a number of measures that should be taken by Plenary to ensure an opened and transparent Senate session.

Consistent with his suggestion, Senator Dillon pointed out that he and like-minded senators will, as of this Thursday and going forward, ensure a roll call is done at the beginning of all Plenary Sessions of the Senate in keeping with the Standing Rules, backed by Article 33 of the Constitution of Liberia.

Dillion, a popular opposition figure at the Senate, indicated that without the required quorum, Plenary cannot commence. “No plenary action can be taken without a simple majority,” he said.

Dillon said however, that the lower number of Senators attending Session can only act to compel the attendance of absent Senators, “sixteen out of thirty ‘duly seated’ Senators constitute a ‘simple majority’ quorum that is constitutionally qualified to conduct regular business of the Liberian Senate.

According to Dillon, “Without this number available and present at any and/or all Plenary Sessions, no business of the Senate can commence. Any and/or all actions taken by a lower number is wrong, illegal and unconstitutional”

Besides, he indicated, a two-third of the votes of the Sensate which is an equivalent of 20 or more votes of the “duly seated” Senators is required and MUST be obtained to pass on critical issues.

Those issues that should be affected by a ‘two-third’ votes of the senate include “State of emergency, confirmation or rejection of presidential nominees, approval to amend provisions of the Constitution, ratification of treaties, loans and other international instruments to which Liberia should be obligated, amongst others.

“When voting to pass on any and/or all matters, we will demand open votes by individual head counts saying “Yes or No” to ensure all decisions taken by the Senate meet the threshold and required votes, consistent with the Standing Rules of the Senate,” the tough talking senator demanded.

He asserted that these reform measures are in the best interest of transparency and accountability, and added that no more hiding, and no more secrets in line with Article 15(c) of the Constitution of Liberia.

“With God above, we shall fear no foe in serving the aspirations and interests of our country and people, Dillon considered ‘The Light’ at the senate, said.


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