200 Years Later, Liberia Still Struggling: VP Taylor -Prays for Unity, Love

On the occasion of the Bicentennial celebrations marking the return of the freed slaves from the United States back to Liberia where they charted a new course that established Africa’s first republic, the Vice President of Liberia and President of the Liberian Senate, Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, says 200 years after the return of the founding fathers, Liberia is still struggling with the same issues, though at a higher level now. VP Taylor however enjoined Liberians to seek for more love, because, according to her, it is only love that conquers all.

In a social media post on her official page, Madam Taylor on Sunday, February 13, noted that the Nation, Government and People celebrate 200 years since the first settlers landed on Providence Island and began the process of creating a state.

“Their vision was unity, freedom, liberty and justice for all under God. More than 200 years hence; Liberia is still struggling with the same issues, though now at a higher level. Thankfully, much more is within our grasp today. As we celebrate the past, honor the present and hope for a better future; my prayer is that we as a people, will seek for more love. For truly love conquers all.

“Congratulations to His Excellency President Weah, our Government and the great People of Liberia; for the resilience and fortitude to begin, fight and sustain our democracy; and bless our International and local partners and friends for remaining with us on this great journey,” VP Taylor entreated.

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