11 Witch Killers Arrested …As Missing Baby Saga Leads to Havoc in Sinoe

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

Police in Sinoe County have arrested 11 persons in connection with the recent torture of three women which led to the death of one of the ladies for their alleged involvement into witchcraft in the county.

Sinoe County Superintendent Lee Nagbe Chea confirmed that in December of 2018, a baby went missing and three women confessed to being responsible for the missing baby in connection to witchcraft.

He told a local radio station that upon receiving the information that three women were apprehended by some citizens in a town called Johnny Town in Kpayan Statutory District, he immediately moved into the area to ascertain the situation and make his official intervention.  “But to my utmost surprise, one of them was already killed by some residents of the town and buried her without the consent of the local authorities in the area.

The Sinoe County Superintendent Chea said the ladies were arrested and an unlawful treatment was meted out against them without any iota of justice as treatment to the three ladies who allegedly killed the one-year, seven months baby resulted to the death of one of them.

Superintendent disclosed that the 11 persons arrested are been placed behind bars at the prison compound in Greenville City. “In December 2018, it was reported that a baby went missing in Johnny Town, Kpayan Statutory District and the town/traditional people have been in search of the child; so they then got to know that it was some three ladies who narrated that the baby’s mother had offered her for their Christmas gift to a secret society which they are part of requires “give and take.”
According to Supt Nagbe, “When we got the information that there some women were arrested for witchcraft practices in Johnny Town, Kpayan Statutory District, we immediately moved in and gathered that they were turned over the commissioner in person of Alfred Jarwu; but the alleged culprits were later placed in the care of the town chief pending detailed community investigation the next day;

He explained that the town people went at the chief’s residence and got them out at which time the people of the town began to interrogate the accused ladies, which culminated to stripping them naked and started to parade with them in the streets of that town” He furthered.

Supt Nagbe noted that when he and his team arrived in the area, they were informed that the three women in question were under the care of Commissioner Alfred Jarwu who later left them in the hands of Johnny Town chief.

According to the Sinoe County Superintendent, members of the Liberia National Police in Sinoe County are making frantic effort to bring every perpetrator of the act to book as the Analyst continues to investigate the issues.

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