1000 “Kingdom Legislators” Pastors Endorse CPP -Say they will vote for New Breed of Liberia

MONROVIA:  As the clock winds down to the holding of the crucial October 10 presidential and legislative elections, an estimated 1,000 Pastors from over 500 churches under the banner of the Kingdom Legislators in Gbarnga, Bong County, have committed to voting for a new breed of leaders. They vowed to rally the Christian community in support of Mr. Alexander Cummings and Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine as the best and most trusted alternative to assume the mantle of leadership come October 10.

At a special program attended by hundreds of citizens from the seven electoral Districts of Bong County, held at the Gbarnga Methodist School campus, on Friday, July 28, the Pastors pledged to mobilize Christians nationwide to vote on their motto “voting new breed, without greed,” for one President, one Senator and one Representative.

Kingdom Legislators, established nearly two years ago, is a Christian faith-based political organization, with membership in six of Liberia’s 15 counties, including Margibi, Nimba, Lofa, Montserrado, Grand Bassa, and Bong as their stronghold.

Kingdom Legislators spokesman, Pastor Dominion O. Roberts, said the Church has a moral responsibility to provide divine guidance to its congregations in choosing visionary leaders that fear God, are morally upright and are fit to work and guarantee economic prosperity for its people.

Pastor Roberts said Kingdom Legislators’ decision to support the ticket of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) followed series of engagements, interactions and facts check on the past records, achievements, capabilities, family orientation, and fitness of Mr. Cummings and Counsellor Brumskine to assume leadership.

Pastor Roberts urged churches and religious communities to get actively involved in helping to provide moral guidance and inspiration to their members on the accrued benefits of electing competent, qualified and responsible leadership that will be sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the Liberian people, come October 10.

The Pentecostal Prelate urged Liberians to carry the conviction that Liberia will rise again, with the understanding that it is dependent on choices Liberians will make come October 10 general and presidential elections.

Cummings, accompanied by his wife Teresa and CPP stalwarts, expressed special thanks and appreciation to the leadership of Kingdom Legislators, and Senator Henry Yallah, former Bong County Senator, for the impressive program and massive turnout by the Pastors, church representatives and workers, as well as citizens and supporters from the seven electoral Districts of Bong County.

Cummings underscored the critical and significant role of the Church and religious communities in the transformation of any country. The CPP Standard Bearer reaffirmed to uphold the tenets of good governance, and resuscitating the ailing economy, giving equal rights and access to jobs and opportunities, irrespective of political and religious affiliations or ethnicity.

Cummings vowed to lead by example, without discrimination, noting that “whether you are members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Unity Party or the CPP, there will be no special preference, except based on qualifications, competence and strict adherence to the rule of law.

He said a critical part of his change agenda is the development of a strong and vibrant private sector, ensuring Liberians have access to loans to own their businesses. Cummings said a vibrant and thriving private sector will create massive jobs and opportunities for Liberians, that will reduce the heavy reliance on government for jobs.

The program was followed by interactions with questions and answers on issues ranging from the CPP agenda for real change, economic policy, job creations, rising drugs abuse especially amongst youths, growing insecurity, as well as the family orientation and marital life of Mr. Cummings.

The CPP Standard Bearer said ensuring access to finance for Liberians to establish and grow their own businesses will be top priority, while at the same time creating the enabling environment to attract direct foreign investments.

He said Liberia will get better by changing the processes and systems of government and breaking away from the centuries old ways of doing things that have retarded progress and growth, resulting to massive suffering and extreme poverty.

Cummings said a CPP administration will decentralize the operations of government by pushing opportunities and responsibilities for job creation across the country.

On drugs abuse, Mr. Cummings said a CPP Government will stop the influx of drugs, arrest and prosecute drugs smugglers and dealers, by properly equipping Customs and Immigration officers and paying them living wages that will make them effective to robustly enforce the laws.

He said youths on drugs will be rehabilitated and given basic training and skills that will afford them to get a job to earn a livelihood.

The CPP Standard Bearer said police will be trained, equipped and reoriented to be professional in the fight against crimes, with responsibility on every citizen to report crimes and help the police in successful criminal investigation and prosecution.

In remarks, former Bong County Senator Henry Yallah cautioned his kinsmen against repeating the mistakes of electing incompetent and inept leaders, only to regret and complain about the economic hardship. He pleaded with citizens of Bong County, the general membership of Kingdom Legislators, and all Liberians to entrust their faith in the leadership of the CPP for a better Liberia.

Several other personalities as well as Representative Aspirants of Bong County made remarks, lauding the enviable records and achievements of the CPP Standard Bearer, which makes him the best and most suitable to be the next President of Liberia, come October 10.

Cummings Assures Support to Famers

Meanwhile, the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings has assured Liberian farmers of maximum support when elected President of Liberia comes October 10.

Cummings said agriculture is the backbone of any economy. He promised that he will ensure that farmers are trained, equipped and given the necessary finances and incentives, aimed at increasing food production and for farmers to reap the benefits of their hard work.

The CPP Standard Bearer gave the assurance when he served as Guest Speaker at the end of a two-day agriculture farmers summit held in Goghen Town, Mana Clan, Bomi County.

The farmers summit organized by World Foundation International, an agriculture cooperative agency, brought together 3,000 farmers and representatives from Liberia’s 15 counties, according to Ms. Precious Menkor, Program Coordinator.

She said the Goghen Farmers Summit, held from July 28-29, was the second largest gathering of farmers and representatives to discuss critical challenges and needs including training, finance and equipment, that will accelerate farming activities and increase food production in Liberia.

The program was attended by a cross-section of citizens including chiefs, elders, youth and women groups, as well as local authorities, who expressed gratitude to the CPP Standard Bearer for his continuous assistance and always accepting their invitation to visit with them in Goghen Town.

The citizens lamented the deplorable road conditions, poor health care delivery service, and their limited self-help initiative to renovate and improve the only elementary school in Goghen Town, Mana Clan, Bomi County.

Cummings later empathized with the plight of the citizens and assured them that upon his ascendancy as President come October 10, Liberians will begin to experience systematic change in their living conditions.

He said public resources will be used to address critical needs, that will bring maximum benefits and relief to the Liberian people, including road connectivity, improved health care delivery service, and a quality education system.

Sharing Pleasantries with District #9 On July 26

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, accompanied by party stalwarts, visited and interacted with a large segment of citizens in District #9, Montserrado County, amidst cheering and jubilation, sharing the joy of Liberia’s 176th Independence celebration.

Cummings was accompanied by his wife Teresa, District #9 Representative Aspirant Fubbi Henries, Montserrado County Senatorial Aspirant Victoria Koiquah, as well as CPP partisans, supporters and sympathizers.

The seven hours long engagement with civic society groups, interest groups, community leaders and organizations took the CPP Standard Bearer and entourage to the Vamoma area, Wroto Town, Lakpazee, Matadi Estate and other remote communities in District #9.

He met and held discussions with senior citizens, members of the Motorcyclists Association, disabled group, Lakpazee old timers, youth and soccer groups and segment of the Muslim community in the District.

The citizens expressed joy and gratitude to the CPP Standard Bearer for the visits and used the occasions to vent out their concerns and aspirations on the prevailing economic conditions of Liberia.

They spoke of the dire need for genuine change that will better their lives, and reaffirmed their support and commitment to the cause of the Collaborating Political Parties in the struggle for the Presidency come October 10.

The CPP Standard Bearer and entourage shared pleasantries and expressed appreciation for the mass turnout of citizens, within such short notice. Mr. Cummings emphasized with the citizens for the widespread suffering and poverty, caused by high-level corruption and the inept leadership of President George Weah. He triumphantly assured them that change is underway.

90The CPP stalwarts also attended a dance competition organized by Montserrado County District #9 Representative Aspirant Fubbi Henries. The program brought together hundreds of youths from the 12 surrounding areas visited by Mr. Cummings and senior stalwarts of the Collaborating Political Parties.

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